Hannover, Music Hall  
November 27, 1997 Hannover, Music Hall

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Land of sunshine
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Stripsearch
  5. Naked in front of the computer
  6. Ashes to Ashes
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. "Need you tonight" (INXS)
  10. Epic
    + INXS stuff
  11. Get out
  12. Gentle art of making enemies
  13. Last Cup of Sorrow
  14. King for a day
  15. I started a joke
  16. Home Sick Home
  17. "This town ain't big enough for the both of us" (Sparks)
  18. Just a man
  19. Caffeine
  20. ???
  21. Pristina

A few days before the gig, three others from the CV-list and I arranged to meet at about one hour before show-start. So I met up with Matthias first. Stefan and Sabine (2 other CV members) didn't show up so far. After selling our tix because of being on the guestlist (Thanx Billy!) we entered the Music Hall and had to realize that there weren't that many people around. The next day's newspaper said there were about 3500 people (it's sold out at about 5000) in order to see and hear FNM perform live.

The opening band sucked pretty much again. I don't know if it was "Radish" or "Eskimos & Egypt", which both were scheduled as support. After we've survived that, there was about half an hour of work on stage. Then suddenly the lights were turned down and I knew that this meant, there'd be no other fucked up openingact. So I started my way through the audience in order to get closer to stage.

Then they came!!! Opening the show with Mike on the ocarina playing Midnight Cowboy once again! I was pretty surprised to hear Land of Sunshine afterwards instead of Collision. Then Roddy greeted: "Hello Hannover! Is everyone allright?

This is our final show in Germany." and Bill yelled some greetings into his microphone as well.
As the show went on, Mike asked over and over again what we'd like better: Hanson or Gil, Ramstein or INXS, and so on. He wanted to know if we all love those young groups (probably that was related to Hanson) as much as they do (the audience booed!) or if there was anybody, still loving Ozzy Osbourne (cheering!). It seemed the band had real fun making jokes on the audience. While Mike was talking about Michael Hutchence, who killed himself just few days before, they played the beginning of "Need you tonight", written by INXS. That must on all previous FNM shows, Mike trying some tricks and falling on the floor, was missing again. The only mishap that day was Mike, loosing his mike while in action at "Got that Feeling".

After "Just a man" they said "Thank you!" and walked off stage. The audience was cheering and after a few minutes FNM came back to give en encore. When starting "Pristina" it was for sure, that the show now will be finished and that that would be their definitely last song. Though the audience was yelling for another encore the lights went on, some horrible music came out of the boxes and the hall was going to be cleared.

After the show I waited at the t-shirt-station in order to meet up with the guys which attended the gig with me and Stefan and Sabine from CV. Some time later a young pretty woman asked me if I was Claas! It was Sabine plus her boyfriend! We did some short small talk about the show and stuff and I had to leave because the rest of my friends were waiting for me outside.

After changing my sweaty clothes, we all went to the tour bus. One of my friends knocked at the bus and Puffy opened the door. He told him that we would like to take some fotos for the "internet". Puffy replied "I don't give a

fuck about the internet, but sure!" As Puffy wanted to know with whom to do the pix, another friend of mine, who also managed to get the FNM setlist, said that I would be the biggest FNM fan! So I stood there with Puffy and waited for

the foto to be done. But my goddamn f***ing camera didn't work. I asked Puffy in german if he didn't speak german pretty good. Speaking german, he answered that it was his birthday that day. I wasn't sure about his birthday date (he became 35) but I congratulated him though! During the time I stood around with Puffy, Jon came up and entered the bus. I just said "Hi" to him. Somewhen the camera worked and hopefully the picture will come out well. After this complicated action I tried to take a picture of Roddy who came out of the Music Hall as well and talked to him about the Air & Style Contest, taking place in Innsbruck on December 6th. After finishing their autograph session with about other 15 people who've come around, Puffy came up to me once again, shook my hand and said "See 'ya"!!! I once again replied "Happy birthday"!!!

Despite the fact that I had the chance of talking to Puffy and Roddy there is still one thing I am very dissapointed about: I didn't meet my god Mike and Billy with whom I could have talked about the mails and the internet itself.

Big thanx to Alex, who knocked at the tour bus!!!
Big thanx again to Stephan, who told Puffy, that I am the biggest FNM-Fan!!! Without you 2 guys the whole foto session wouldn't have been possible!

Claas Drechsler & SAM

Source: CVDB
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