London, Brixton Academy
November 29, 1997 London, Brixton Academy

  1. midnight cowboy
  2. land of sunshine
  3. midlife crisis
  4. naked in front of the computer
  5. ashes to ashes
  6. stripsearch
  7. easy
  8. introduce yourself
  9. the gentle art of making enemies
  10. last cup of sorrow
  11. home sick home
  12. king for a day
  13. epic
  14. get out
  15. just a man
  16. "this town ain't big enough for both of us" (with sparks)
  17. be aggressive
  18. this guy is in love with you
    Encore 2
  19. pristina

i was excited to see fnm at the famous venue, brixton academy. it's a huge venue with 4000 people capacity. i must say that i was a little annoyed by the crowd -- there were so many teenagers and typical metal-heads. other than that though, i liked the set up there. the stage looked like a small castle and the ceiling was pitch black which looked like a clear night sky. i didn't pay much attention to either of the opening acts because my recording device was acting weird. i was not going to give up on recording after going through the trouble of buying a compact microphone, breaking the minidisc adapter and getting a battery case in london. fortunately i fixed the problem right before fnm went on stage. then i made a stupid mistake -- i couldn't resist myself and went right in the middle front to have the best view, but the crowd was insane there. i had to duck my head every ten seconds to avoid the crowd surfers breaking my neck, at the same time i had to protect my minidisc. it was like a concentration camp. when they were playing easy, i finally got rescued by the security guys and moved to the side. this was the first time i couldn't stand the pain. it was that harsh. or maybe i am getting too old for that...anyway, enough of my experience at the show. the band was pretty tight. the opening with midnight cowboy was beautiful, land of sunshine was a nice surprise for me. i was glad to hear more songs from aoty than the last time i saw them in the u.s. tour. although alex might disagree with me (hi alex), i thought they were energetic -- puffy was usual himself with amazing precision and power; roddy played in his smooth keyboard style and had occasional talks between songs; billy seemed to enjoy playing quite a lot, sometimes back-uped the vocal; jon with that usual look on his face, seemed very comfortable with the band; mike was such an entertainer and his singing was superb as always. the highlights of the show for me were the end of 'just a man', 'this town ain't big enough for both of us', and 'pristina'. 'just a man' -- as mike repeated the line 'you're burning me', he swang his right arm around again and again, and made great gestures (sorry for the poor description) and facial expressions. 'this town ain't...' -- a fun song; i heard it for the first time then, i thought they worked well with sparks; if you get a chance, you should get the single of this song. 'pristina' -- the special lighting (big neon green circles moving up and down, at the end toward the audience) was very effective; at the beginning when mike sang the line'i'm watching you' he held the last note ('you') extra long and did the downward pitch-bend. it was incredible to hear. after the show, there were bunch of people selling some huge ad-posters for a pound. i gave a guy a dollar coin and he gave me two posters in return. there were so many people waiting around to see the band, i decided to take off. i saw some guys climbing the window on the second floor to get into the back stage. also i met a woman from japan who came all the way from there to see all five shows in u.k. i couldn't go that far. i guess this wraps up the story for brixton...


I froze my ass off for an hour and finally gave in to some greedy son of a bitch scalper that was asking ...50 for his God damn ticket. Fucker. The son of a bitch even asked me whether I had blood or anti-freeze while I stood there freezing in just a t-shirt. Anyway, I grabbed a beer at some pub and thawed out only to freeze again as soon as I stepped out the door. I waited for like a half an hour in the bleeding rain until they let us in. I cut up front and was one of the first people in. I grabbed some beer at the bar and went to the very front of the standing area. I met some kids from Boston who were going to school in Oxford, and I got in good with them so they'd save my spot while I took a couple of pisses. Te first band had no bassist and no real appeal to me. Raddish just rocked every song, but they just bored me to death. Faith No More came out and the shit started going right.

They opened up with Midnight Cowboy and went into Land of Sunshine right after that. The rest is not in order. Stripsearch, Home Sick Home, Pristina, Last Cup of Sorrow, Easy, Epic, Be Aggressive, Get Out, Midlife Crisis, Naked in Front of The Computer, Got that Feeling, and more. My memory suffers.

Mike was talkative and so was Roddy. After they played Epic, Mike asked everyone "Can you believe we still play that shit?" They really didn't surprise me except for when they opened with Land of Sunshine. They were tight like usual, usual set list, fairly good sound (Better than when I saw them at the Palace in Hollwood), and the typical look onstage. One strange thing was when these two guys I didn't recognize came out with the band for an encore and did some song I didn't recognize. Who were they? They had a keyboard brought out with them as well, for a piano sound. Whatever.... My highlight was when they played some song where Patton had the best fucking voice. He'd sing out something like "I need your love......" or "I need you now....." or something. Absolutely gorgeous. Great show.

Porno Holocaust.

Review by Al Skate.

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