Cambridge, Corn Exchange  
November 30, 1997 Cambridge, the corn exchange

  1. midnight cowboy
  2. collision
  3. midlife crisis
  4. naked in front of the computer
  5. ashes to ashes
  6. stripsearch
  7. easy
  8. introduce yourself
  9. the gentle art of making enemies
  10. last cup of sorrow
  11. as the worm turns
  12. king for a day
  13. epic
  14. get out
  15. just a man
  16. "Phenomenon" (LL Cool J)
  17. chinese arithmetic
  18. i started a joke
  19. pristina

the day after brixton, i went up to cambridge with my friend to see fnm again. first of all, i was so surprised how quiet it was in cambridge. most of the stores were closed by 6, and hardly anyone was out. based on how it was in the area, i expected the show to be a fairly small one. it wasn't the case though. once i got to the venue with my friend, it was packed. it felt almost like the entire cambridge was at the show. my friend got a ticket at the venue and hers was the balcony one. she said she can watch my minidisc while i go downstairs, so i left it with her. i didn't know that there was only one opening act, and the people at the club kept saying the 'second band' is going on next, i didn't think it was going to be fnm. so i couldn't record midnight cowboy and i was upset that they came on unexpectedly. i gave the machine to my friend and made my way up to the front. i couldn't help myself going up because for me, the closer i stand to the band, the more i feel the vibe off the band. fortunately the crowd was much considerate this time, i had the best view and still didn't get hurt. the setlist was somewhat similar to the night before. for some reason though, it felt much shorter this time. i especially liked 'kfad' and 'chinese arithmetic'. the end of kfad was extended extra long. the entire song took about 10 min. or so. it was very dark, experimental, and beautiful. i heard 'chinese arithmetic' for the first time live. it's impressive how they can play very old songs without much rehearsing. 'i started a joke' was nice to hear once again. mike was in a very talkative mood in this show. he made a joke out of the name of the venue -- he kept asking to the guy right behind me what he can get in exchange if he gives a piece of corn to people at 'the corn exchange'. it was pretty funny. i was hoping that mike would do the pitch-bend for pristina again, but he didn't do it this time. also 'just a man' improv at the end was not as fun as the last time. overall though, i enjoyed the show better this time. partly because i had a better view, and partly because there was more communication going on between the band and the audience. and most of all, i finally made a satisfactory recording.

so that's it, ladies and gentlemen. now i'm back to reality putting off my work...


Well for me the show was absolutely amazing. The best performance of the 5 times I've seen the band. And I thought Dublin November 30th (exactly 5 years previous) could not be topped.

It was real funny cause there was this guy that myself and Jason saw hanging around outside the venue a few hours before the doors opened. He was wearing a a white shirt and a black suit...no not a band member just some guy obsessed enough to dress up as if he were one. He had black hair slicked back, brown eyes and a goatee beard. He was kinda chubby so Jason christened him El Lardo Patton. Has Patton put on weight since last night? Trust me it was funny at the time. I knew if Patton caught sight of him he would make a smart comment and yeah he did. We were all in the front row and Roddy pointed and said 'Hey look at that guy there!' so of course Patton looked at him and that mean evil bastard grin came on his face. 'Hey ladies and gentleman give a hand for this man he's got all dressed up for the show' I messed his hair while Patton was talking to him. heh heh cool. Actually before the band even came on this guy was personally handed a set list from one of the roadies. So guys now you know in future, dress as a band member. There was actually a lot of crowd interaction with Patton..he even passed the mic into the audience at one point. He was asking why the venue was called The Corn Exchange. He constantly made jokes about corn. A girl answered into the mic...it was a place where people came to exchange corn. Well duh...heh heh So for this show I was either standing there in awe or else laughing. So you get the picture of how it was. I remember Patton asked 'If I give you some Corn what are you gonna give me?' He asked that in our direction. I shrugged my shoulders...duh I'm not quick witted. Anyhow a guy behing us answered. So Patton talked to him and came back to him a couple of songs later. Then the bouncers started to hand out cups of water. The thought crossed my mind to throw one at Patton and then I thought nah better not. But as time went on I was more and more tempted ..somebody threw a tshirt up then a cup..and I just got this urge and threw a full cup directly at Patton. A surprisingly perfect hit. Got water all over his face and chest. Cool. So once I had thrown one, of course others started and there was Patton standing directly in this shower of water. Didn't move. It was great. He said in my direction wiggling his finger "Come on"...ie I can take it! Possibly a stupid thing to do but it felt good. Hence I threw another.. Bingo!

Music wise the band were on good form. Every song was played well. The songs that stand out as the best were King for a day Pristina and Chinese Arithmetic. Simply because they had a real atmospheric feel to them...if you know what I mean. Midnight Cowboy too. Btw did anybody else notice how cool the lighting was? Accompanied the songs perfectly!

So to top everything off at the end of the show...I asked one of the bouncers for a setlist and he replied 'No sorry I can't'. A couple of minutes later one of the sound crew took one of the set lists crumpled it up and threw it into the audience and who caught it but little old me. Does life get any better?....at that moment in time.. no!

I took photos of the Brixton show Jason took them at the Cambridge show and they all came out pretty well. There's a couple of really great shots. I might be able to get them up on a site soon.

Official Set List:

Get Out


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