Manchester, Academy  

December 3, 1997 Manchester, Academy

Setlist (complete, but maybe incorrect order - sorry)

  1. Midnight cowboy
  2. Get out
  3. Midlife crisis
  4. "This town ain't big enaugh for both of us" (Sparks)
  5. The Gentle art of making enemies
  6. Ashes to ashes
  7. Naked in front of the computer
  8. Stripsearch
  9. Easy
  10. King for a day
  11. Epic
  12. As the worm turns
  13. Last cup of sorrow
  14. Introduce yourself
  15. Just a man
    Encore 1
  16. "This guy is in love with you" (Burt Bacharach)
  17. Caffeine
    Encore 2
  18. I don't know that song last just couple seconds
  19. Pristina

Faith No More are very popular in Great Britain, tharefor I was really looking foreward that show. I expected something unusuall in comparison with concerts here in Czech Republic and I got it.

I arrived to the Manchester on the 1. 12. 1997 with my friend. We lived in a house where our next friend lives. There is a lot of interesting evants in Manchester, but people here are just talking about Oasis and Sipce girls, but back to the FNM.

We got to the Academy at 7:30 pm and by that time there was a big number of fans waiting. They opened the gates and I could see that the concert was sold out. After 8 band called Reedish (as I hope) opened the show. It wasn't bad, but It is not my style and other people seemed to be also annoyed. They played couple songs and than FNM working crew got on the stage. At 9:30 the lights were turn off and the atmosphere in the Academy grew up in one second. Everyone shouted:"You fat bastards" (from the Live at the Brixton academy) and then FNM came on the stage. Mike Patton with his mouth-keyboard (you can see that on some Hobo's photo also). They started with Midnight cowboy, which I found great, but other fans looked surprised and wanted something quicklier. Some of them threw a cans of beer on the stage. Billy, Mike P. and Jon were smiling on them. All of the band members seemed to be happy (and a little bit drunk - before the show we saw Mike Patton with a large bottle of wine standing near the stage). But fans got what they wanted - Get out. It was great atmosphere since this song.

There is a big difference between their show in Czech Republic and England. Mike was more in contact with fans (that's why in Czech we are not so good in english) and it was cool. When we were screaming: "You fat...", he said, that he isn't too fat in his 40 years; he was also talking about some english TV programme, which I don't know and he was making comic gestures during Just a man and so on...

I was happy for a different setlist than on shows during summer. I like their King for a day live version with the long ending.

I really admire all of the band members: Mike Bordin for his excellent and strenuous playing (thank you for a stick you threw me!), Roddy and Billy for their great playing Jon, who is now my favourite fnm guitar player, for his gestures and Mike for his voice. And I like their shows.

It was the best show I have ever been to, same as the previous two in summer!!!

Simon Dvorsky

Source: CVDB
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