Nottingham, Rock City  
December 4, 1997 Nottingham Rock City

I saw FNM on the 4th this month in Nottingham Rock City. In terms of the show itself, it was just as good, if not a little better than the show they did there back in May this year. There weren't many unusual or suprise songs played, but a few that particularly came to my attention were As the worm turns, this town aint big enough for the both of us (Which is a single in england now), and this guy's in love with you, which is a brilliant song. It seems to have two false endings, which is kinda funny.

A funny thing they said: Mike says "Yikes! There's a mad cow staring at me! What am I going to do? There's a mad cow staring at me" and Roddy says "Look in the bone, that's where the magic is!". Also, later on Roddy says "Hi Nottingham. What have you been doing? We've been touring the world. How about you?" to which a member of the audience said "Touring". Trust me, it was funny at the time! :)

Radish weren't so great, but then I just find that sort of music boring. They got a reasonable reception.

The big higlight for me had to be meeting Puffy, Mike and Jon. The first one I saw was Puffy, who was suprisingly nice because I had heard he was the intense, scary one. He was telling me and this dude about how when he was 14 he wanted to go and see Black Sabbath but his mum wouldn't let him, but he sneaked out the house and went anyway. This guy was also saying to Puffy that 5 years ago to the day FNM did a gig at this same venue for the same price (...10) to which Puffy replied "at least we charge the same!". And he talked about how they wouldn't want to play in a venue where the audience sits down. Lastly I said to Puffy "Congrtulations, by the way" and he said "What did I do?" and I said "The baby" and then said "You know, it's funny. When you listen to someones music evey day, and see videos of them and read about them all the time," and Puffy says "you feel like you know them." to which I reply "Yeah!". And that was cool.

Next, Mike came along. Now, Mike is practically my idol. Back in May when FNM did Rock City I went to meet the band. I saw all of them except Jon last time but I was especially looking forward to meeting Mike. However, in May when my chance came to meet the guy, I looked up at him and he just let off a huge sigh to himself, and made it obvious he didn't want to talk. So, instead of teeling him how much I loved his music, I stood there slack-jawed, got his autograph and he went. Now, for anyone who has never met Mike you may be thinking that I'm an ungrateful jerk for not appreciating the fact that I just got to meet the guy. Well, I think I was happier when I had never met him because after metting him and missing my chance to talk, it had been like a curse for the last 7 months. BUT, this time there were more people who wnted autographs and Mike again made it obvious he wasn't in the mood. However, I was determined to say something to him. That bastard who was talking to Puffy about the show 5 years ago felt the need to say it to Mike as well, and he seemed to say it like he was heckling Mike (Plus he wanted way more than his fair share of signatures). On hearing that bit of information, Mike replied "I don't give a shit" :)) I thought that was so cool! Anyway, now was my chance so, I took a deep breath and said "Mike, the last time you were here I froze over but I don't want to miss this chance again, and I would basically like to say thank-you for everything that you've done with FNM, Mr Bungle, John Zorn and everything because it's made an enourmous impact on me. I think Disco Volante took me from being an angry teenager to a young adult" to which Mike replied "Wow, that means a lot to me". After that, the curse was lifted! I finally got to tell Mike what I wanted to and I was content. I mean, I think we'd all agree that it would take more that 20 seconds to tell FNM everything we'd like to, but it was cool. The one other thing I said toMike while he was still signing stuff was if he was doing much stuff on his TASCAM 4-track. Mike said "All the time!".

Lastly, while me and my friends were standing in a big circle talking, a guy walked by and at first glance I thought noting of it, but I then looked again and said "Shit! It's Jon!" and walked up to him. Well, it's true the guy is kind of quiet. But, I asked him if there was a way I could get a Systems Collapse demo and he said "I think that band is pretty much dead now" which didn't really answer my question, but it was a long shot anyway. Also, thinking of you folk, I said to Jon "What do you think about Caca Volante? The internet mailing list", he said "I dunno, FNM isn't really my band. Isn't that Mike's thing?" I said "Not really, Bill is on it occasionally". I was thinking of the 20 questions thing. Had I been more sharp-witted, I would have asked Jon why he said FNM wasn't his band. He's new, but he did write the last album with them and he has been touring with them for a while now. You know, I wonder what the guys in FNM talk about. I guess they talk about 'normal guy stuff', but the fact Jon knew next to nothing about CV kind of got me thinking.

Paul Taberham.

Source: CVDB
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