Hamburg, Docks
March 17,1995 Hamburg (Germany), Docks

  1. Digging The Grave
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. The Real Thing
  5. Land Of Sunshine
  6. Evidence
  7. What A Day
  8. We Care A Lot
  9. Easy
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. Get Out
  12. King For A Day
  13. Epic
  14. Ricochet
  15. From Out Of Nowhere
    Encore 1
  16. Ugly In The Morning
  17. I Started A Joke
  18. Surprise! You're Dead!
    Encore 2
  19. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  20. Take This Bottle
    Encore 3
  21. Caffeine

Ha ha here's the Hamburg show.

First of all ... this message is for the people who live in Hamburg: You guys suck!!!! Sorry, but there were only assholes on that show!!!! Everytime a song who not sounded like Surprise! You're Dead they whistled and shouted thing like "Fuck you", "Get out"... And they are constantly begging for Das Schuetzenfest... and there were moving the whole show, no jumping they grabbed beer and wanted back to the front row, searching for some friends and always you get hit in the back or you have to stop jumping because someone want to pass through... why this idiots go to such a show, when they know nothing about fnm???? Sorry but this was my opinion of the audience. Maybe I have been surrounded by asses??

Ok now to the songs. They played no cover - no special mix of TakeThisBottle and no falling To Pieces -ha ha ha hamburg, you get what you deserve... Mike did no special 'voice' to the end of KingForADay - he created extra loud high frequency sound, like when you can't use the guitar... Very annoying.

During TGAOME Mike threw the mic to Puffy's big drum (the one with the wulf logo) maybe you can see this little damage on the following shows if you take a closer look on that it is obvious that someone hit that thing. Oh, and the mic broke when he did this! The following 10 sec you were unable to hear what Mike tried to sing.

I don't think there is more to say about the annoying Hamburg show - nothing really cool happened there - I hope Munich this sunday is as good as Cologne was.


Source: CVDB
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