Houston (TX), Numbers
May 4, 1995 Houston (TX), Numbers

  • Digging The Grave
  • Be Aggressive
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Death March
  • King for a Day
  • Caralho Voador
  • What a day
  • The Last to Know
  • Just a Man
  • Get Out
  • Epic
  • I Started A Joke
  • We Care A Lot
  • Evidence
  • Take This Bottle

    The set-list may not be complete and is in no particular order.

    It's hot and humid in Houston in May, and Numbers is a really small club. For some unknown reason, the club opted not to run the air-conditioning system, and this made the packed club so unbelievably hot!! Mike mentioned at a couple points during the show how hot it was, and even asked if anyone knew if the A/C worked or not. Ironically, the club got it working during the last set of encores, and Mike also commented about that. "Oh, now that we're leaving, the air-conditioner is working."

    Anyway, maybe it was because of the heat, but this is (one of??) the 95 show(s) where Patton peed on himself. Yup, I looked up at the stage, saw Mike on his knees leaning backwards, singing, with a stream hitting him dead in the center of the chest. At first I thought someone was spraying water at him, but suddenly he jumped up, and with his penis flopping around started bouncing up and down while he finished taking his piss.

    Other comments during the show: Mike came out and asked everyone if we thought Steel Pole Bathtub looked like Weezer. "Don't you people fucking like Weezer???!?," he asked.

    Audience comments: Several people in the audience spent the entire show yelling for "Jizzlobber." They never played it though. A group of girls in the ladies room were having a big discussion about whether or not they would sleep with Mike Patton. Hmmm...I guess they're still out there.... (like you probably care, but I found it annoying and amusing at the same time.)

    After the show, a friend and I managed to sneak our way backstage. (Okay, we just got up on the stage and walked down the equipment ramp...no one seemed to care.) Billy was the first band member we met. (Actually besides us and like 3 other people, he was the only other person back there at first.) My friend actually introduced himself by his internet nickname (Hi!! I'm Cracky Cricket!) which drew a really really odd look from Billy. So, he explained to Billy what he meant and that he'd exchanged e-mail with him before and was on CV and all. Suddenly, Billy got really cool, and said it was cool that people from Caca Volante came to see the shows (like we'd even think about not going!!). Then, he offered us seats and beers, and introduced us to the other people as "friends from the internet!"

    While we were back there, we got a really good chance to talk to everyone in the band, especially Dean (who also thought it was cool we were on CV...and even said he'd read some of the messages and had an internet account). Dean told us the band cut out a planned second encore because of the heat (Damn!!).

    Heather Scott

Source: CVDB
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