St. Petersburgh (FL), Jannus Landing
May 10, 1995 St. Petersburg (FL), St. Petersburg, Florida


By Sir Millard Mulch

Songs: (In no particular order, recalled after seven months in a brain with a poor short term memory...)

  • Epic
  • Zombie Eaters
  • Get Out
  • Ricochet
  • Evidence
  • The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  • Caralho Voador
  • Digging The Grave
  • Take This Bottle
  • King For A Day
  • What a Day
  • Just A Man
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Be Aggressive
  • Easy
  • I Started A Joke

The between-band music silenced and I turned to look at the stage. The first thing my eyes focused on was Mike Patton, behind the drum riser, grinning from cheek to cheek with his eyes closed. I couldn't help but smile also. I hopped up on the bench with my friends Heather & Kristin so I could see better. I was sweating very much & smelled horrible. I'm sure Kristin didn't appreciate that. They started into the first song (my memory fails me as to which one it was) and I immediately got a buzz, and continued my uncontrollable smiling...it lasted through about three songs.

Their sound and performance was incredible, much better than I had expected (Until then I had only heard them live on TV and on the "Live At Brixton Academy" CD.) Patton's vocals were more powerful and in-tune than I had ever heard them. Puffy, with dreadlocks flailing, had a great new drum sound (much like the one on the new album) that was very dynamic. Billy Gould's bass playing had improved immensely, and it locked-in tightly with Puffy's drumming. Although not as fun to watch as Jim Martin, new guitarist Dean Menta sounded much more full & Humbuckery. It was a somewhat pleasing change in guitar tone. Keyboardist Roddy Bottum did his usual dancing in circles and also some singing & guitar playing. I'm not sure the guitar was actually plugged in, though. The whole band looked very physically fit.

Halfway through the show, Mike Patton & Billy started making jokes about the name of the town. "St. Petersburg...isn't this a Commie town? Mind if we just call you Peter? Hey, that's a pretty funny name! Peter! Hahahaha!" The only funny stage antics were during the song "Easy." Jannus Landing has a large pole at the front of the stage, holding a tent-like thing up. Mike Patton announced "I feel like a stripper with this big pole up here..." and started swinging around on it, doing a little bit of bump & grind and some tongueing.

The music was VERY loud. I am thankful that I brought earplugs.

After the show, I went out and waited in front of their bus. After a few minutes, Puffy came out of the club for a minute to change clothing. He happily greeted everyone & went inside. Roddy then came out of the club and was mobbed by adolescents asking him, "How long have you been playing keyboard? How long did you take lessons?" He answered the questions stoicly and signed autographs. All the kids got autographs and left, then he turned to me, still waiting at the bus. He looked pissed off & sarcastic. I just looked at him and raised an eyebrow. When he realized I didn't want anything from him, he silently turned towards the bus. I laughed very hard. He then went about sorting through his junk in the compartment under the bus. One of the kids asked him, "Where's Mike? Is Mike on there?" He replied, "Who's Mike?" and snickered rudely. Other kids tried to ask him questions, but he then turned around and disappeared into the club. Hopefully he is not always that unfriendly to his fans. It truly sucks when you meet someone that you have always looked up to and they treat you like shit.

I waited about 45 minutes to an hour for Mr. Patton to come out. In my hand I have a paper bag containing a copy of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" and a carrying case of 10 Sir Millard Mulch cassettes(my latest demo! Easy-listening music!) I stood next to the bus, periodically checking the dressing room window to see if Patton was ever going to come out. Nope, still up there eating a loaf of bread. Nope, still laughing with his buddies. Damn, what a funny Hawaiian shirt. Finally he came out, and I nervously presented my bag of presents to him. He jumped back, looked at me & smiled. He took the bag. "For me? Wow. Ok." He looked kind of confused. "What is it?" He asked. "A book & some tapes," I answered, not knowing at all what to say. "Well, thank you!" He said, smiling. "No, thank YOU," I answered.

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