Guitar World January 1997

Guitar World January 1997

"The Album that Changed My Life"

Brian "Head" Welch ( Korn guitarist )

FAITH NO MORE-"The Real Thing" (Slash/Reprise, 1989 )

"They were the first ones to cross over lots of different stuff, mixing heavy shit with keyboards and rap. It was eerie. I was about 17 when I first heard it, and listening to a lot of Metallica, 24-7 Spyz, Living Colour and Fishbone. I dug them all, but Faith No More moved me in a different way, a way more than anything else. That shit was just so bad. It totally changed my direction. It said to me that you didn't have to follow a certain path, that you could just create anything, go out and mess around with anything, that there were no rules. It showed me that you could just fuck around and come up with your own thing. I remember seeing them open up for Metallica, and everyone started booing them going "Rap sucks!" I was so bummed. I felt like screaming at everyone, "Quit fucking booing them and listen." They all just heard the rap beat and didn't give them a chance. Then, six months later, they were all over MTV and the same fuckers who were booing were probably lining up to see them. That taught me something too."

Fieldy (Korn bassist)

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS- "Freaky Styley" ( EMI, 1985 )
FAITH NO MORE-"Introduce Yourself" ( Slash, 1987 )

"That shit just fucked me up in the head, blew my mind and changed my life. Before that, I was listenng to dirthead shit, just straight-up metal like Iron Maiden and Metallica. Then those two bands came up into my life and I was like,"Fuck, man, that's still heavy, but it's not metal." I just loved it. I became obsessed by it. I had always known that there had to be a way to take the bass further than just following the guitar, and these two records showed me the way. Actually, they were the last albums to blow my mind, but I'm still searching. I'm constantly looking for that phat-ass band that will rock my world."

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