Appeared Monday 28th April 1997 in THE SUN, p25

Appeared Monday 28th April 1997 in THE SUN, p25

He visits body parts museum

ROCKER Mike Patton is bringing his chart-topping band Faith No More to Scotland - so he can con his way into a private museum of pickled human body parts for the third time. Patton, 32 - who has a collection of medical specimens and books showing pictures of operations - admitted he cannot wait to see the grisly display at Glasgow University. Last night he said: "It has got everything from two-headed goats to giant human genitals pickled in jars and I just love it. It is really all beautiful stuff. "A doctor friend of mine - who works in Glasgow - arranged the previous visits for me. "I had to put on a white coat and pretend that I was a visiting student in order to get in. "I plan to do the same this time but I just hope that no one will recognize me as that could turn out to be very embarrassing.


"Some people think that I am a pervert because of my unusual tastes, but I'm not. "I collect medical specimens and pictures from all over the world in same the way (sic) other people collect stamps. It's just my hobby." He claims that he first became obsessed with the collection of severed human organs, animal remains and preserved medical freaks when his band staged a record breaking four night run of concerts at Glasgow Barrowland in 1992. And the singer, from San Francisco, claims that he has arranged a one-off nightclub concert at The Arches in Glasgow on May 12, just so he can go there again. But yesterday university chiefs insisted Patten (sic) would not be allowed to see the collection.


A spokesman said: "Only people from the medical profession are allowed in to see these exhibits and only if they have made a previous appointment. "No one is allowed to just walk in off the streets and anyone who would even want to do that would have to be seriously warped in the head. "We certainly will be on the lookout for this individual in case he tries it again." Faith No More are one of the biggest selling rock bands in the world with a string of chart-topping albums. In 1993 they shot to No 3 in the British charts with their spoof version of The Commodores' classic ballad Easy. But they caused outrage when housewives who had bought the single thinking they were a middle of the road pop group were shocked by the explicit sexual lyrics and swearing on their hard rock album Angel Dust.

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