Luisville (KY), The Brewery
May 24, 1995 Luisville (KY), The Brewery

  1. "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath)
  2. Ricochet
  3. Be Aggressive
  4. Midlife Crisis
  5. The Crab Song
  6. Evidence
  7. What a Day
  8. "The 500 Club" (Steel Pole Bathtub)
  9. Caffeine
  10. Easy
  11. Introduce Yourself
  12. "Glory Box" (Portishead)
  13. Get Out
  14. Caralho Voador
  15. King for a Day
  16. Epic
  17. "All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun" (Sheryl Crow)
  18. Digging the Grave
  19. Just a Man
  20. I Started a Joke
  21. Land of Sunshine
  22. Take this Bottle
  23. Let's Lynch the Landlord

Review: FNM and Steel Pole Bathtub at The Brewery 05/24/95 Louisville, KY

Where does one start after witnessing an event such as this...Wednesday May 24th was the last show Steel Pole Bathtub opened up for FNM. I had just rolled into town from Detroit and I was wondering if I was even in the right city, the shirts I had seen at the 2 previous shows I attended said Lexington, which is a city about an hour east of KY. I found the venue, and it was in Louisville after all. I waited to see Steel Pole Bathtub and they emerged from the back with curious smirks on their faces. The bassist smiled at the crowd and said "Boy are you in for a treat tonight." With that he started the bassline from Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", the band did the cover, and seconds later started up Cheap Trick's "Surrender" I thought that because it was their last night with FNM they were going to do all covers...I was wrong...Moments after "Surrender" had ended, the band started into "Paranoid" and played the entire song again, after that was over, they started "Surrender" again. The crowd was very, very, angry, bottles and cans flew in the unflinching faces of Steel Pole Bathtub as they played the same 2 songs over and over again. I looked over at Roddy, who again was working the lights and he had the biggest smile on his face. The crowd began to shout "You suck" as the drummer taunted the crowd by dedicating "Surrender" to all the ladies out there. Here is the SPB setlist...

Paranoid (bassist detuned his e-string a fourth step down, sounded horrible)

It was incredible!!! I know all of you would have loved this. I have never seen anything like this. I talked to Roddy after the SPB set, and he asked me what I thought of the show. He had very much enjoyed it, and apparently so had the rest of the members of FNM...

FNM took the stage shortly after. Billy saluted the crowd, and began to play Paranoid, Dean joined in, then Puffy, then Mike. FNM covered Paranoid, it was incredible!!! Mike knew only the first few verses, and after the "oh yeah" he confessed that was all he knew, then Mike started singing some of Surrender "mommys alright, daddys alright" etc., then the rest of the band finished out the song. The crowd seemed to have an attitude change once Paranoid was played for the 6th time.

Be Aggressive
(again, the beginning of Paranoid)
Midlife Crisis
The Crab Song
What a Day
(again, the beginning of Paranoid)
FNM covers some of SPB's "The 500 Club"
Mike adlibs..."I can't remember, what I had to drink."
Introduce Yourself
Glory Box-This song started off as the cover but soon Mike started to sing the lyrics to "War Pigs" like the lyrics to "Glory Box" over the bands "Glory Box" instrumental. He replaced "I just want to be a woman" with, "I just want to be a war pig" and then "I just want to be...Paranoid!!!"
Get Out
Caralho Voador
King for a Day
Epic (some adlib at the end that I couldn't make out)
(again, the beginning of Paranoid)
Digging the Grave
Just a Man

I Started a Joke (Mike tells the crowd that Dean is looking to get laid)
Land of Sunshine
Take this Bottle

The band invited SPB to come out and play a couple more songs, SPB came out and used FNM's instruments to play "Paranoid" which marked the 7th time the song was played. A lot of the crowd began to leave after this. More bottles, cans etc. were thrown at the band, some even hit Billy and Dean who were watching SPB from behind the stacks. FNM came out to play one more song...

Lets Lynch the Landlord
(Mike invited the crowd to throw cans at Puffy, who he said was playing like shit all night in an effort to get people to throw things at him)

The Louisville show was the best FNM show I have ever seen!!! Even if you didn't like SPB when you saw them, you have to respect the guys for what they did at this show, it was unbelievable!!!

Thank you for reading.

- Rich

Source: CVDB
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