INTRO Special edition (festival guide summer 1997

INTRO Special edition (festival guide summer 1997)

Fools for a lifetime?

by Norbert Nigbur

new guitarist, new luck.....or maybe not. They call their new cd "Album of the year" but it definitely isnt an album of the year what the crossover pioneers recorded. That's sure for now. Ok everybody who knows a bit about Faith No more's very own humor knows that the title isnt that serious. But it wasnt to be expected that it would turn out to be kinda ironic.

It wasnt sure for a long time if there will ever be a new FNM album. The fantastic "KFAD" was a flop and the musicians began workin a lot in diverse side projects: keyboarder Roddy Bottum founded Imperial Teen with Lynn Perko (ex- Sister Double Happiness), Drummer Mike "Puffy" Bordin played in the Live-band of Ozzy Osbourne and singer Mike Patton did a lot for his solo carreer besides playin in Mr. Bungle.

Billy Gould says:"FNM was always a priority for us and we never thought about splittin up. We didnt compose a lot together because everybody was somewhere else to tour etc., but the CD developed bit by bit that way. It was sometimes frustrating when we wrote songs while Mike was away and he didnt like them at all when he came back so we had to cancel them. But looking back i am glad that it turned out to be that now we have only the best songs on the album."

After Jim Martin was fired they never got a new lineup that worked for a long time. After Mr Bungle guitarplayer Trey Spruance and Dean menta (Duh) there is a new guitar player again. He is called John Hudson and played in the not very well known band Systems Collapse before. The frustration about all that lineup changes is indeed not the reason why the new album is that dark and melancholic. "it just turned out to be that way that the new material is more melodic, slower and more atmospheric. The music is kinda sad and i tried to have the mood in the lyrics as well". Titles such as "Last cup of sorrow" "She loves me not" or "Helpless" show that in a clear way. Even the funny sounding title "Naked in front of the computer" has no funny lyrics. "Its about my frustrations while surfin the internet. I wont tell u more. I think that too many people think too much about my lyrics. I am more a person who works with the sound of a word than with its meaning. Often i just choose the words because of the rhythm not because of the meaning. It was important for me that the album has a general mood that can be found in all songs and that it doesnt go in too many directions like we did in the past." Well maybe he thinks so...i dont

Thanks to Björn Eichstädt for translating the article.

Source: Björn Eichstädt
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