The UCSD Guardian issue Thurs. May 29, 1997

The UCSD Guardian issue Thurs. May 29, 1997

Faith No More
Album of the Year
** (weak)

by Jonah Freedman

San Francisco's FNM is one of those bands that are impossible to categorize. With thrash-riff guitars, groove bass, hard-rock drums, eerie keyboards and the ranting screams of lead singer Mike Patton, the band prided itself on organized chaos.

With the release of AOTY, the band's fifth LP, it is apparant that FNM's internal conflicts have caught up with them. Following the departure of former guitarist Jim Martin (who gave us the famous "Epic" riffs) in 1994, the band nearly broke up - over and over again.

AOTY has little, if no cohesion. "Stripsearch" is the band's bandwagon attempt at electronica. Behind keyboardist Roddy Bottum's well drafted keyboard strings, an electronic drum track mirrors Mike Bordin's real drums. "LCoS," slated to be the band's first single, is well - boring. Although the track is classic FNM, led by Patton's garbled whispers, it goes nowhere.

The band should stick to what works for it (1992's AD, 1995's KFAD, FFAL) Unfortunately for FNM, AOTY is anything but that.

Thanks to Graham.

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