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Friday, May 30th.

"Album of the Year"
Faith No More
(3 out of 4 stars)

Nothing is off-limits for Faith No More. Fusionists in the most literal sense, the Bay Area quintet has always woven rock, rap, punk and jazz-with occaisional forays into disco, R&B and even polka-into a fabric all their own.

It proved wildly successful and entertaining on "The Real Thing", the bands 1989 breakthrough album, and works again on "Album of the Year", available Tuesday.

"Album of the Year" is the band's 7th album and first since departure of founding guitarist Jim Martin (wrong!!). He's been replaced by Bay Area guitarist Jon Hudson, who proes he is a worthy replacement for the innovative and eclectic Martin.

The album also marks Faith No More's 15th anniversary and should quell persistant rumors-fueled by vocalist Mike Patton's continued work with Mr. Bungle and Keyboardist Roddy Bottum's success with Imperial Teen-of an impending breakup.

More consistent than 1995's dissapointing "King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime", "Album of the Year" is, by and large, a heavy metal album-that's where Faith No More succeeds. Songs such as "Collision" and "Last cup of Sorrow," with their crunching guitars and pounding bass and drums, blaze ahead with the speed and subtlety of a runaway freight train.

Other styles have ben sprinkled in. "Got That Feeling" proves that Faith No More has the intensity of a punk band without the amatuerish musicianship. "She Loves Me Not" ventures into R&B territory with Patton singing falsetto. That track, along with the soaring chorus of "Ashes To Ashes" and funky rhyming of "Helpless", highlight Patton's skills as a vocalist.

"Album of the Year" doesn't live up to it's toungue-in-cheek title, and there isn't anything terribly new or innovative in it's 12 songs, but the album proves that Faith No More remains one of the most eclectic and enjoyable metal bands around.

-Chuck Squatriglia,
Times Staff Writer

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