Drum Media Issue No. 345 3rd June 1997

Drum Media Issue No. 345 3rd June 1997

Faith No More
Ashes to Ashes

Reviewed by Ross Clelland.

Nope, not the Bowie song (thankfully) but an example of watching a band go from one of the most compelling and different things on their early work to something now just a formulaic as Status Quo, while still pretending to have some intellect behind it. Patton now just does the growl to a scream as a display of ersatz passion, then it slows down again, then it speeds up again, then it's over. Middle tracks don't deviate much from that either, and the dance mix of the single is a brave snatch at something more. Album of the Year?, I hope they are being ironic, but somehow I worry they ain't.

Thanks to Rick Carter.

Source: Rick Carter
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