Music Reviews, Calgary's FFWD, June 12-18, 1997

Music Reviews, Calgary's FFWD, June 12-18, 1997

Faith No More, Album of the Year, reviewed by Zoltan Varadi

"You can't be on tomorrow," sings Mike Patton on the band's ironically-titled new release, Album of the Year (dead horse flogging of the year, maybe). Apparently Patton's oblivious to the fact that living in the past ain't the greatest option either. When FNM first broke through with the MTV/MuchMusic staple "epic" in 1989 they were a headbanger's wet dream in a time of dry humps like Skid Row.

Sure, mixing metal pomp, punk attitude and white boy funk/rap may have seemed like a fresh idea at the time, but things have (thankfully) changed. It just doesn't seem like FNM's tired grind of big riffs and Patton's operatic yowling could have much impact on your average suburban spaz when groups like Rage Against the Machine, although equally annoying (and admittedly the direct progeny of FNM), at least deliver on the pre-teen adrenaline rush.

Ultimately, Faith No More was simply one of those transitional bands that happened to be around when rock culture produced one of its generation shifts. Fine. Thank you for contributing. But, please go away now and bore no more.

(Rated one out of five FFWD triangle thingies)

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