Green Guide - The Age (Melbourne) Issue June 1997

Green Guide - The Age (Melbourne) Issue June 1997

Faith No More


Faith No More, the world's foremost purveyors of art metal, have often veered close to self-parody, thanks to vocalist Mike Patton. On Album Of the Year, Patton is up to his old tricks, switching from mellow crooning to quasi-satanist scowling in the space of a few bars (Last Cup Of Sorrow) and mixing falsetto, whispers and pure AOR power-ballad tunefulness (the album's first single, the soaring Ashes To Ashes). Although guitarist Jon Hudson adds a sharper, more astute edge, it is still Roddy Bottum's imaginative and often surprising keyboard work that gives the band's sound it's unique quality.

Album Of The Year is no great departure for this veteran San Francisco outfit, but it is more genuine than its ostentatious predecessor, King For A Day, and consequently more durable.

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