Setlist: May 28, 1995 Edgefest-Somerset (WI), Float Rite Park
2.Get Out 
3.Midlife Crisis 
4."Easy" (Commodores) 
5.What a Day 
6.We Care a Lot 
8.King for a Day 
9.Digging the Grave 
Source: CVDB
Edgefest-Somerset (WI), Float Rite Park
May 28, 1995 Edgefest-Somerset (WI)

  1. Richocet
  2. Get out
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Easy
  5. What a day
  6. We Care A Lot
  7. Epic
  8. King for a Day
  9. Digging the Grave

Don't think this is the exact order, but I know they opened with Richocet and I remembered all of the songs they played. It was only a 45 minute set since it was a radio festival.The Ramones were the headliner. There was a bunch of bands, but I can only remember Sponge and Dink. FNM went on at 6.

It was the day of my graduation from high school so I had to con my parents into letting me skip some of my party. I left my house at 5:15 with a few of my friends and we made the 45 min. trek to Somerset. When we arrived I had no idea if Faith had played yet. As we were making our way up to the gates we asked 3 groups of people who were leaving if they knew if FNM had played yet. Two girls said yes and one man didn't know.Hearing this I was crushed . As we arrived at the ticket booth to hand our tickets over a thundering noise was coming from down the hill by the stage. From that point on it all seemed like a dream. It was the opening guitar line of Richocet. I busted through the gates and ran through the crowd of people and into the muddy pit, leaving my friends behind.Any way it was the best concert I've ever been to. Mike was very talkative during the set and kept asking for underwear from the crowd . At one point a girl threw up some black panties and Mike buried his nose in them and let out a refreshing"aahhhhh!".Billy just kept saying what a beautiful day it was and how he was having such a good time.Mike also did some left / right thing with the crowd, but I can't remember what song it was for.Puffy was his usual self.Roddy had this giant black raincoat on which covered his entire torso and I couldn't even see his face. Dean also was faceless because his whole head was wrapped in a plastic black raincoat.Mike wore a yellow raincoat ,but we could definitly see him. He was outstanding as was the whole short set.

Thanks to: Ty Tokheim

Source: CVDB
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