CMJ Issue July 1997

CMJ Issue July 1997


by Scott Frampton

Faith No More is on its fourth guitarist in five years. Drummer Mike Bordin is off playing with Ozzy half of the time:singer Mike Patton has Mr.Bungle and adds his yelp to the occasional John Zorn project: and keyboardist Roddy Bottum plays guitar with the criticcally lauded Imperial Teen. That this band still even exists is amazing enough. So what does Faith No More do? Goes ahead and names its record "Album Of The Year". The sick thing is that it may have a point. The band's strange amalgam of sounds has always had a strange audacity to it anyway, and the complete "fuck it" attitude serves it well here: this is the sound of a band going out swinging, and while not every haymaker connects, the punches are leveling. Patton barks like a Touretter one minute and croons like John Raitt the next; the beats seduce your hips into a sway only to later pummel you off-balance. The record's best pop songs ("Last Cup Of Sorrow" and "Ashes to Ashes") are stomach-quickeningly pensive, but the choruses ar rousing and anthemic enough to make you hoist a lighter in appreciation. "Album Of The Year" is an impossibility of a record, fraught with a panic-attack tension that releases itself only in moments of utter fury and twisted beauty, which, somehow, makes it's title seem plausible.

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