Munich, Olympiastadion - Rock Im Park
June 4, 1995 Munich, Olympiastadion - Rock Im Park

  1. Ricochet
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Zombie Eaters
  5. Evidence
  6. Caffeine
  7. What A Day
  8. Easy
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Get Out
  11. Caralho Voador
  12. King For A Day
  13. Epic
  14. Digging The Grave
  15. Just A Man
  16. "Move Your Ass" (Scooter)
  17. I Started A Joke
  18. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  19. We Care A Lot

I saw FNM last sunday June 4th at the "Rock im Park" festival in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The whole festival started friday evening (no idea what bands played there.) Here are the bands supposed to play:

Saturday June 3:

  • Die Doofen (german comedy duo: Wigald Boning and Olli Dittrich)
  • Martin Page
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Hootie & The Blowfish
  • Ugly Kid Joe
  • Slash's Snakepit
  • Pretenders
  • Otto (Another german comedian. I've been told by some people who saw the show on Saturday, that Otto besides Bon Jovi were the best act on that day. He *rocked*, because he did mainly covers from popular songs and he sung them in german.)
  • Van Halen
  • Bon Jovi

Sunday June 4:

  • Electric Hippies
  • Del Amitri
  • Axxis
  • Pete Droge
  • Quicksand
  • D.A.D.
  • Selig
  • H-Blockx
  • 5:40 pm Danzig
  • 6:40 pm Megadeath
  • 8:10 pm Bad Religion
  • 9:40 pm Faith No More

I decided NOT to visit the event on saturday; take a look at the bands which played and you might understand this. The first band I saw was Danzig and I was SURPRISED how bad the sound quality was. No, really. It was horrible. No voice, no bass nothing. It was just some noise and a funny black dwarf poser on stage. Glenn Danzig should take some lessons how to be aggressive on stage without acting ridiculous. Next up was Megadeath... no comment. I'm glad at least Bad Religion were able to fight against the lousy sound. But I suppose they fail like all the others. I know all their songs and had problems identifying which song they are playing.

But all this is not important, because I only paid those $60 to see FNM, and they did a great job. I was worried whether the sound is still as bad as it was at Danzig and Megadeath, but everything seemed to be built for FNM. Perfect sound! Clear voice (if you ignore all the echoes) excellent keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. wow!

When they came on stage it was 9:40 pm and the stadium was half full, like 40000 - 50000 people. Setlist see above ...

Mike was a wild animal. (I should not mention this, because he's always one) He stumbled, crawled and jumped the whole show. Once he walked (ran) backwards, stumbled and landed right on his back. At the intro to Zombie Eaters and during Easy the whole stadium lightened their pocketlighters - very impressive. Left and right from the stage there were two big video screens with live show pictures. Dean walked three times in front of that screen and wanted to see himself performing, but the cameras concentrated on Mike. Later the show, king For A Day started, Mike did the same and the cameras followed him. So he could see himself 10 times. He looked at Dean smiled and said: "Hey Dean!" turned around and moved his body... "Now I can fuck myself!" At the cool ending sounds to KFAD Billy played one note on bass, Mike howled and this about 15 times. All the people began to whistle and shout, because they didn't like it. Lights went down, silence for a few seconds and the mass get the song they were all waiting for: EPIC! Epic and Easy, the only two songs they know, but it was a great atmosphere during Epic. Mike screamed the whole "last part" of the song and only stopped when Roddy started playing the keyboards and the audience began to clap and scream. After Epic one quarter left the stadium.

The best song for me was "Just A Man". It was the first time I heard it live, and it was so wonderful. I couldn't imagine how they're doing the gospel choir, but the "heavy rock" guitar instead is much better. I'm sure this one will be the next single. (I hoped KFAD would be a single, but that one was "just" another song on Evidence) At the end when he supposed to sing "and now you're burning me" he did: "and now..... you're...... bur...... ning......" stopped waved his armes and wanted the crowd to shout the last word... it was hopeless... and with a despaired look in his face he screamed "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

The first encore was (again) some "TECHNO!" music, this time "Move Your Ass" from Scooter. (A real crappy song, but the idiots here in germany like this one?) They did this the whole evening about 4 times. Playing really fast techno notes, stopped and shouted TECH-NO. "Do you like techno?" "techno" Well, We Care A Lot was the last song on this wondeful evening. I thought for a second that they are not going to play this song, but...


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