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Perth Entertainment Centre
Saturday, November 1, 1997

Faith No More, the heroes of a generation, returned to the Perth Entertainment Centre for the third time to let us know how much they really love us. The feelings are certainly mutual. First though, the most enjoyable support band I've sat through at the Ent Cent - besides Kyuss opening for Metallica - Shihad. The Kiwis grabbed hold of the large stage and set the usual empty nothingness alive with some of their hard guitar rock. Their energetic display of musicianship and general lust for playing in front of an audience that appreciated their music and vibe was enjoyable to watch. Still, this is the Entertainment Centre, and if they can create this here, who knows what they could dish up this weekend when they hit more intimate venues.

The lounge area assembled to capacity minutes before the main event, awaiting both the incredible and the unpredictable - two such descriptions were the best way to describe the opening of Faith No More's set. Amidst darkness and excited applause, frontman Mike Patton, wind piano (well...) in mouth, played the soft tune of Midnight Cowboy, and the rest of the band gently followed. The tranquil and stable beginning was then inverted, as Collision came screeching from the stage and the fun began. Concentrating on their graciously titled newie, Album of the Year, the singles Ashes to Ashes and Last Cup of Sorrow, as well as Naked in Front of the Computer, Stripsearch, Home Sick Home, and Pristine (sic) were given the live treatment.

New recruit to the FNM lineup, Jon Hudson, handled his position as best as anyone could considering Jim Martin once wore the same shoes. His presence and ability to play adequately paid respect in the songs which were before his time such as Midlife Crisis, Aggressive (sic (again!)), and Introduce Yourself. A relatively subdued Mike Patton - the last time he was in Perth was in 1996 when he fronted Mr Bungle and, for reasons best known to him, started a 'cocaine' chant - was crooning and doing the cabaret arm swing like an up-to-date version of Frank Sinatra in songs such as Easy and Evidence. At the drop of a hat, however, he would go completely nuts and deliver Get Out and Epic in his own demented way. The three original members of FNM, drummer Mike Bordin, bassist Billy Gould, and keyboard man Roddy Bottum, served up the sound that is so distinctive of this band, and keeps us buying their albums and going top their concerts. Finishing off with a quick nod to Deep Purple, FNM thanked us all once again and bidded farewell, until the next tour at least.

Thanks to Lukas Kotai

Source: Lukas Kotai
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