Pulse Magazine Issue April 1996

Pulse Magazine Issue April 1996

Raza Odiada
(Roadrunner) ***

Some declare manic-satanic-Hispanic-grindcore outfit Brujeria a band of hardcore revolutionaries/drug smugglers wanted in five countries. Others maintain that it's a concept band, comprised of members of Faith No More, Fear Factory and Sepultura. Frankly, mi amor, we don't give a damn. On Brujeria's second Roadrunner release, Raza Odiada ("The Hated Race"), the fun begins with a parody assassination of a racist-rallying Pete Wilson (performed by Jello Biafra, whose Alternative Tentacles released the group's first 7-inch) and then blasts into 40 minutes of well-executed hardcore. Lyrically, it's high comedy, from "Hermanos Menendez," which offers praise of the Menendez brothers' patricidal tendencies, to "Consejos Del Brujo," a drug-deal-by-numbers for wannabe Escobars. Good clean fun for the entire familia.

by Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Thanks to Star Leigh Wall.

Source: Star Leigh Wall
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