San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, May 5, 1996

San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, May 5, 1996


Mike Bordin, the widely respected drummer for Faith No More, has just accepted an offer from ex-Black Sabbath front man and heavy-metal legend Ozzy Osbourne to play on his summer tour, which swings through the Bay Area in July. With Faith No More members Roddy bottum and Mike Patton currently working through various side projects - Imperial Teen (see page 31) and Mr. Bungle, respectively - the offer came at just the right time for Bordin.

"I was the guy back in school who had a different Black Sabbath T-shirt for every day of the week," he said. "I even once stole a neighbor' car, with a friend, to go and see Sabbath in Anaheim during their 1977 tour. So this really is a great honor for me."

For his part, Osbourne simply said, "I've always thought he was a great drummer, and having done a few shows with him, he's just a total pro. He's great."

Bordin initially came to Osbourne's attention in 1990 when Faith No More covered "War Pigs" at a Los Angeles show and Osbourne stepped in to do a guest vocal. And last September, Faith No More spent a month on tour with Osbourne in South America. Bordin will remain with Osbourne for the rest of his "Retirement Sucks" tour, after which Faith No More is scheduled to work on a studio album.

by Steffan Chirazi

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