M.E.A.T. Magazine Issue 55, April 1995

M.E.A.T. Magazine Issue 55, April 1995

Review of King For A Day ... Fool For A Lifetime

Rating MMMMM <"Fuckin' Rules", as opposed to say: M <Fuckin' SUCKS!> or MMMM <Fuckin' Smokes!>... the highest "Fuckin' Rating">

Review by Drew Masters

Faith No More are completely psycho! From opener "Get Out" which kicks things off with a frenzied bang, to the manic "Cuckoo for Caca" on which Mike Patton indecipherably screams his fuckin' lungs out, to "Digging The Grave," which actually makes sense of all this, this is warped shit, dudes, which takes you on a free-for-all rollercoaster ride between the insane and the berserk. And I fuckin' love it! Man, their last album Angel Dust was an uninspired outing that sucked shit--a total letdown after the brilliant and groundbreaking The Real Thing--but now FNM have earned back my undivided attention. What a complete turnaround! Sure, like many when I heard that Mad Dog look-alike guitarist Jim Martin was out of FNM I thought that was it for any rock/metal in this act, but recording newcomer Trey Spruance (who has since been replaced by Dean Menta) has done a commendable job keeping this metalically hard when necessary. But what glues this album together, and gives it its texture and uniqueness, is Patton, who has more multiple personas than Roxanne--safely can I state that Patton is rock's most diverse performer. By the sheer brilliance of this disc, it's obvious that FNM knew that this was a do-or-die, career-on-the-line effort., and they, thankfully, rose triumphantly to the challenge.

Thanks to Jamie Dirom.

Source: Jamie Dirom
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