Radio show hosted by Collins and Maconey

Radio show hosted by Collins and Maconey

Interview with Mike Patton

Collins - Our plucky interviewee this week is Mike Patton of FNM. Mike are you mentally prepared for an all over the place grilling?
Mike - Yes, the album is about, er, this

C - Okay we'll kick off then
M - And the tour is about

C - aah, he's got the right idea. So we're off, question 1.
M - Ready

C - What are you most likely to complain about in a hotel?
M - Jeez. Phone charges. Big problem.

C - Which member of FNM could you beat in a fight?
M - None of 'em. They're all older and more experienced than me.

C - They could all have you?
M - They have me whenever they want

C - I'll bet. Ever kissed a man?
M - Hmmm yeah. Probably my dad was the first one I ever kissed.

C - But not passionately.
M - Sure it was, it was my dad, ha ha haaaa

C - What happened in your last dream?
M - That's a good question. I don't dream very much.

C - How old will you be on your next birthday?
M - 28

C - What's your worst fear?
M - A morning without coffee

C - The last book you read
M - The Naked Ape by what's his name

C - Desmond Morris
M - Yeah

C - How much do you weigh?
M - I've weighed like 150, 155 my whole life so its not far from there.

C - Describe yourself in 5 words
M - Oh I can't do it, I can't do it

C - That's probably 5 words, well 4 anyway
M - No no no no no

C - What would you cook me if I came round your house?
M - Well you're English, so you'd be hard to please, 'cos you eat so well in this country, ha haa. Let's see, fried bread. I'd fry you up a big piece of bread. I don't know, what would I cook you? A sausage, a nice greasy sausage.

C - What's the only man made structure you can see from the moon?
M - oh that's good. I'd wanna say Everest but we didn't construct that did we, it wouldn't be like a building would it, like the Empire State Building?

C - Its the Great Wall of China
M - Oh, there we go. This is good.

C - What's in your pockets, without looking?
M - Without looking? I'm gonna have to look. I don't know, a bit of change, a little bag with nothing in it, five pounds, a list with some phone numbers on it.

C - Right, that's great. What feature do you most dislike about yourself?
M - My magnetic personality, ha haaa!

C - What do you wear in bed?
M - Galoshes. A rain suit

C - What film makes you cry?
M - Cry? Damn, erm, John Wayne Bobbit, uncut.

C - What does God look like?
M - Gosh, invisible

C - What's the greatest song ever written?
M - I will always love you by Whitney Houston

C - Can you ride a horse?
M - Er, no. Afraid of horses,

C - Mike Patton, thank you for answering any old questions
M - Right on

Thanks to Rachel Pearson.

Source: Rachel Pearson
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