Musik Express / Sounds May 1995

Musik Express / Sounds May 1995

FAITH NO MORE, Cologne, Live-Music Hall

The Live-music hall is completely crowded. Again and again there are teenagers with wet t-shirts who try to get back to the exit, everybody fights to get some space, its like in hell. And the full moon is shining. A girl takes off her bra and throws it to singer Mike Patton. He takes the black bra and realizes: "it's too big for me".

Like a guy who is totally out of control he whirls on stage. This man doesnt care about himself. While staccato-riffs start "get out", Patton winds himself like being obsessed above his microphone and gasps some unintelligible lyrics. As at every live gig he gives everything his voice can give...and more.

Faith No More found their own style with special rhythms, changes of tempo and breaks between hard guitar riffs and quiet tunes and also the concert lives because of that kind of variety. Hard to belive that Patton can change from a screaming monster into a nice ballad-singer from one second to another. As the intro to "Easy" is played some girls get on the shoulders of their boyfriends. Patton himself says that he wrote that song when he was in a bad mood, but he sings it in a way that is a good as the studio version.

When the guitar solo starts we asked ourselves if the former roadie and new guitarplayer Dean Menta is a good substitute for Jim Martin. The answer: he hasnt got the aura that Martin had, but he knows his parts and seems to be integrated into the band.

The highlight of the 90 minutes set becomes "Epic" the song that brought FNM to the charts in 1990 for the first time. Just from time to time Mike Patton gives a little recess to the fans, for example in the end with the ballad "Evidence" and in the encore with the Bee Gees cover "I started a joke".

Thanks to Björn Eichstädt for translating the article.

Source: Björn Eichstädt
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