BRAVO Issue 29, 13 Juli 1995

BRAVO Issue 29, 13 Juli 1995

BRAVO TALK SHOW - stars under 12 eyes

FAITH NO MORE- private we're really nice guys

Aggressive, wild and loud that's how the fans know the live american cult band FNM. But in case they're not on stage are Mike Patton, Bill Gould (Bass), Roddy Bottum (Keyboards), Mike Bordin (Drums) und Dean Menta (Guitar) as nice as college students. The crossover champs heard of sicipline, help their roadies to build up the equipment, take care of their wardrobe and tune their instruments. "We don't think we're stars. You won't find groupies backstage, no drugs" explains Mike "even alcohol is strictly forbidden before the gig. Sex drugs & rock'n'roll that's history. Now we're concentrating on music"

BRAVO: Mike, people say that it's not easy with you to communicate
MIKE PATTON: Oh, really? Well, maybe I am kind of reserved. I just don't want to be a pop star and supply you with scandals and sensations. I seperate my job as a musician from my private life. I don't want people to write about what's in my fridge or in which bed I'm sleeping. I'm a shy and introverted guy.

BRAVO: But you're transforming into an aggressive animal on stage..
MIKE: I'm venting. I'm sometimes very reserved when it comes to human relations. I'm scared of showing my inner feelings. On the other side it's pretty easy for me to go wild on stage. I play that role like an actor.

BRAVO: You always wear green shoes. What's up with that?
MIKE: The green shows are my mascot. I have about 20 pairs of them.

BRAVO: What about your private life? You guys have girlfriends?
MIKE: I'm married since christmas 1993. My wife is called Titti and is Italian. We have beside our house in SF one in Milan.
MIKE BORDIN: I'm also married. My wife is called Marylin.
RODDY: I outed myself years ago, even though that doesn't fit in the image of a heavy rock musician. Don't have a boyfriend at the moment.
BILL: I'm also a lonely soul, don't have a girlfriend at the moment.
DEAN: My girlfriend is called jennifer and is a member of the band L7. I'm very proud of her.

BRAVO: Are your wives with you on tour?
MIKE: Titti was at some shows in america, but tourlife is to stressy. therefore we don't take them with us.

BRAVO: What about kids?
MIKE: We're on tour too much. None of us is planing anything, but you never know.

BRAVO: what are you doing in your spare time?
BILL: It may sound strange, but although we're friends we don't hang out together in SF. During tour we're together 24 hours a day - touring with one bus - therfore it happens that we don't along so well, but an arguement don't last very long. that's why we spend so much time with our families after every tour or go on vacation. Only Dean and I hang out all the time, he lives in my house.

BRAVO: Dean you're in the band finally.
DEAN: Yeah, since a couple of weeks. I already toured with them as a roadie two years ago for Angel Dust.

BRAVO: how did you get into FNM?
DEAN: A friend asked me whether I'd like to tour with them as a roadie. I said YES even though I had no clue what kind of music they were doing. On the last tour I had to play guitar for Jim and I was so good so that they called me up one day and asked me to become a member of the band.

BRAVO: Your last name doesn't sound american...
DEAN: That's right. I was born on June 23, 1966 close to SF, may father is Italian and my mother German. I studied "Interdisziplinare Kunst" after school. I also had a couple of my own bands, but I never got an own record deal.

BRAVO: What happened to the other guitar player?
MIKE PATTON: Jim Martin, our first guitar player quit last year. His follow up Trey Spruance decided to jump off just before our tour started. He hated travelling and has been a complete outsider. He didn't fit into the band. We always kind of wanted Dean, he's perfect for us. NOW the mixture in the band seems to be right again.

BRAVO: Is it true that you all like dance music?
RODDY: Not only we dig dance music, also Techno is pretty cool. Everyone wants to label us a heavy metal band, but we try to get away from that. Techno is the sound of the 90s and we like it even though that won't fit into the stereotype of a rock band.

BRAVO: You could always read that you tried to compete with GNR. is that true?
BILL: Ridiculous. We make fun of them. None of us even thinks about taking them a bit serious.
MIKE: We care about our music. GNR is just a show. They care more about their rock'n'roll lifestyle than their music. You can see all that with Axl and Slash. they haven't talked with each other for months now.

BRAVO: What are your plans for the future?
BILL: We're composing and writing lyrics for the next album, while we're touring. We have new ideas and basically everything goes on great ever since Dean joined us. There's no crisis anymore.
RODDY: I think our new album is going to be more modern. We're using more computers than ever, more experimental stuff, since Dean taught me everything about this Devils tool. But don't you worry, we'll stay the best live band of the world.

Thanks to Agatha Samborska for typing up the original article, translated by Stefan.

Source: Agatha Samborska
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