Transworld Snowboarding August ? 1995

Transworld Snowboarding August ? 1995

King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

by Janiss Garza

Sometimes the wild and wacky guys in FNM are just too smart for their own good. Yes, they've honed their musicianship to a fine edge, and as always, they lace their varied, sophisticated influences with a hefty dollop of irreverence.But within all the diverse turns of KFAD/FFAL, they left out one thing: song craftsmanship.

It's tough to criticize an album that has so many interesting elements to it. "Evidence" is cooler-than-thou white-boy soul, while "Star A.D." oozes jazzy funk. "Caralho Voador" sports a Latin feel , and the ballad "Take This Bottle" has s Country and Western flourish. Plus there's the harsh, metallic noise of "Cuckoo for Caca" and "Ugly in the Morning"

But as broad and eclectic a scope as FNM traverses, none of this is really gripping. There are a few hooks to latch onto, but nothing catchy to make all these creative ideas memorable. Even though 1992's Angel Dust had dozens of odd moments, it still managed to hold your attention. Rare are the tracks on KFAD that can do this. And the songs that do, such as "Ricochet" and "Digging The Grave," are the least inventive.

The deeper FNM gets into its career, the more The Real Thing's accessibility seems like a fluke. That album, released siz years ago, was the only truly commercial release in the band's decade-long history. Perhaps these guys were never meant to be MTV darlings. If FNM's goal is to narrow their audience down to a few twisted rock and roll outcasts, then KFAD will accomplish that job admirably.

Thanks to Scott Casey.

Source: Scott Casey
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