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Perth Entertainment Centre
Thursday, August 17, 1995

by Tony Fisher

Peyote hit the stage just after the supposed start time of 8pm a set about surprising the hell out of everyone present, which looked like a bigger crowd than Faith No More had last time.

This was the first time I've seen a support band get this much positive response at the Entertainment Centre - and from a band that hardly anyone had heard of before the ads for this show hit the press. They had a whole heap of crunch in their guitars, as well as plenty of melody and they found some serious grooves. Seeing these guys in a packed sweaty club would be intense if their stage presence here was any indication.

After a quick change over the house lights went down and the cheering and whistling kicked straight in, as did Dick Dale's "Pulp Fiction" number "Misirlou".

With a "Hey Perth!" Faith No More leapt straight into "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" and established what was going to happen for the rest of the night. Mike Patton was going to be manic, Billy Gould was on his way to his own musical nirvana, and we the punters were going to eat up an excellent night of classic Faith No More tunes and moves.

After the song, Roddy Bottum strolled towards the mic, mumbled for the first of what would be many times before we were hit with "Be Aggressive". By the end of this song the crowd was vibed and the ushers were beginning to give up on keeping people in their seats. "Midlife Crisis" followed in quick succession before the band slipped into lounge act mode and Patton played crooner for their latest single, "Evidence", during which he grabbed a squirt bottle off a bouncer and soaked drummer Mike Bordin and new guitarist Dean Menza. (Mark's Note: I guess that's better than him being called Trey!)

The tempo stepped up once again for "Surprise, You're Dead" and "We Care A Lot", before we got a big serving of "Easy" - a Commodores song that FNM make delightfully cheesy. Patton prefaced it with "I hope you like your rock a little light", and it would seem from the reaction that most present did.

Then it was back to the energy numbers with "Introduce Yourself" and "Get Out" before we were told that "King For A Day" would be the last song. It wasn't, but they made it longer and very atmospheric, using the spartan backdrop well with the lights.

The first encore, "Epic", had almost everyone moving, "Caralho Voador" brought the mood back a bit before "Digging The Grave" appeared, a song which saw Roddy Bottum abandon his keyboards and reach for a guitar - a first for the band's three visits to Perth. "Just A Man" and "Take This Bottle" rounded out the show, or so the band thought, until the ruckus out front started again and they came back.

"We like you so much, we're gonna do a few more", stated Mike Patton as FNM appeared for the last time. They played "Death March", a song not unlike a souped up version of the Nestle commercial before "Caffeine" left us with a rush.

A huge show - I can't wait until next time.

Thanks to Mark Hewitt.

Source: Mark Hewitt
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