HM Magazine, Issue 81 December 1995

HM Magazine, Issue 81 December 1995

Reprobate's Corner
Roddy Bottum
Keyboard Player For Faith No More

Full Name:
Roswell Christopher Bottum III

Date of Birth:
July 1, 1963

Place of Birth:
Los Angeles

Current Home:
San Francisco

First Job:
Male prostitute

Earliest Memory:

What was your best subject at school:
Australian History

Who did you have your first crush on:
John the Baptist

Are you superstitious:

Worst moment on stage:
All moments from the Guns N' Roses tour

Weirdest Request From A fan:
This guy asked me to write my name on a piece of paper...and then he wanted to keep it!

Have you ever been arrested:
Yes, yes, yes, yes

Five albums you'd take to your grave:
The Noise Addict EP, the first Unrest Record, Duh- The Unholy Handjob, the Pocahontas soundtrack and Imperial Teen's Seasick.

Prized Possesion:
The Imperial Teen master tapes and my father's golf shirt collection

If you were the star of a porn flick, what would your stage name be:
There is a strange formaula for creating your porn star name. Your first name is your middle name, and the second name is your street name. So for me, it's Christopher Eagle.

Any heroes:
Ben Lee, Rupert Murdoch

What Rock star would you like to punch out:
Courtney Love. There's no hard feelings, I just want the old nose back.

What would you do to make the world a better place:
Find a cure for cancer

Favourite on the road pastime:
Acoustic guitar

Is there anything you'd like to do before you die:
Change the name of Hot Metal magazine

How would you like to be remembered:
As the boy who slaughtered silverchair

Thanks to Gary Best.

Source: Gary Best
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