Access ?/1995

Access ?/1995

Review of King For A Day ... Fool For A Lifetime

Access-The Rock Radio Magazine <a free Canadian publication found at a "Thrifty's" store>

Review by Tim Henderson

The exit of fun-loving socialite guitarist 'Big Sick Ugly' Jim Martin last year left a neutral yet staggering Faith No More with all guards down and a silence within the ranks. Alongside the rather bizarre follow-up (Angel Dust) to the band's cross-over revelation--1989's The Real Thing--the band had seen (and looked forward to seeing) brighter days. Martin has since been replaced by former Mr. Bungle aceman Trey Spruance [yes, it says _former_ a fuck-up, no doubt. "aceman" is actually "aceman" in the text, also, not "axeman"] (who recorded King...then left) and more recently, ex0roadie Dean Menta, who's prepared to take FNM's long-overdue tour commitments to the hilt. King is the record FNM had to make. Focused, tender, crushing and emotionally straining. From the instant gems 'Ricochet' and 'Caralho Voador'[??] to the underlying humour of 'Take This Bottle' and pounding 'Ugly in the Morning', King is assured to land FNM back on their feet. Apart from front-man Mike Patton's annoying tantrum-shrieks, the band has rounded off the edges of extremity that made them a household name with 'Epic'. Well-executed and long-winded leaves the listener a hearty chunk to chew on, but the ensuing digestion is assured to please the palate.

Rating:****/***** [Good, ***** being Excellent, *** being Fair]

Thanks to Jamie Dirom.

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