European Magazine interview with Roddy Bottum

European Magazine interview with Roddy Bottum

Keep The Faith

by Craig Mathieson

"Can you imagine how interesting that would be? You can't," Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum assures me. Fresh from a night at a Go-Go's reunion show, he's remembering the months Faith No More spent touring as support act to Guns N' Roses. "The thought of touring middle America for months on end again is not appealing," he adds. "There was no real connection to those 70,000 people we were playing for every night. You're determined to get some sort of reaction out of them and the easiest way is to piss them off." Touring is back on the agenda for the San Francisco five piece - starting with a visit to Australia as part of the Alternative Nation tour - while the release of their new album KING FOR A DAY, FOOL FOR A LIFETIME, provides us with a further example of their psycho beat-metal.

"This was a very easy record to make because our new guitarist is a lot easier to work with," explains Bottum, refering to the departure of archetypal rock pig Big Jim Martin. He's replaced by Trey Spruance, who play in FNM frontman Mike Patton's side band, Mr Bungle. "He's got a lot more diversity than Jim. Jim was very good at whatever Jim did. Getting ris of him was a real cleansing exercise, we were all very uptight with him." Was it a nasty split? "It was very simple. We did it by fax." That's very '90s. "I'm a very '90s man," notes Bottum.

With Faith No More now a less "tantrum oriented band," Bottum is relaxing after a hard year. He was with close friend Courtney Love throughout her husband's final, troubled moths, while at the same time Bottum's own father died. "I just holed up and had a nervous breakdown, basically. I just realized that I had to chose my priorities very carefully. Things like honesty and passion and art."

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