Spoon newspaper ?/1995

Spoon newspaper ?/1995

Faith No More -- King For A Day .. Fool For A Lifetime

by Dan Nailen

Like a red-headed stepchild, FNM has been misunderstood by many fans and critics as they've grown. When their mega-hit "Epic" took over the airwaves five years ago, many dismissed them as either Chili Peppers impersonators or art-metal garbage. What the naysayers don't understand is that this genre-hopping band goes boldly where other bands fear to tread.

KFAD..FFAL is FNM in fine form. Moving on after firing guitarist Jim Martin, the new album focuses on the true strengths of the band, natably the powerhouse rhythm section of drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Billy Gould, and singer Mike Patton's unique vocal stylings and lyrics. Patton's voice shifts easily from crooning with as much soul as Al Green on songs like "evidence", to a full-on punk rock howl on "cuckoo for caca", to rambling like a demented Vincent Price on "king for a day". His lyrics have gotten better, if not easily decipherable. My favorites: "It's always funny until someone gets hurt... and then it's just hilarious!" from "ricochet" and "You did one thing wrong, you woke up" from "ugly in the morning".

While not as amazing an achievement as 1992's Angel Dust, which was thoroughly excellent throughout, not to mention criminally under appreciated, KFAD..FFAL has an eclectic mix of funk, punk, metal, and psychedelia that will keep a spot reserved in by cd player for awhile.

Thanks to Scott M Casey.

Source: Scott M Casey
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