Album Review from a unknown magazine

Album Review from a unknown magazine...

King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

***1/2 (out of *****)

by John Encarnacao

The factor which makes Faith No More still worthy of a look a decade on is the band's sheer perversity. Though a "funky metal" sound is still present, that is only part of the picture. Thankfully, their fifth disk is another eclectic set.

There are several dazzling riffs on this album, but more dazzling is the sense of FNM's identity despite the bewildering variety of material. Mike Bordin's drumming seems able to underpin any style; Bill Gould's bass pumps and shudders and is not afraid of melody; eerie wafts and angular counterpoints issue from Roddy Bottum's keys; guitarist Trey Spruance, who replaced Jim Martin, adds further dimension, like the exquisitely tasteful stylings on the soul-influenced "Evidence" for instance, while being more than up to the heavier fare.

Then there's Mike Patton's inexhaustable array of vocal contortions. There are several distinct varieties of scream documented here as well as crooning, speaking, and his trademark declamatory style. Do you detect a theme? I'll use the word again: variety. You can gyrate to the riffing spasms of "Ugly In The Morning" and "Get Out" or the fucky weird-out "Star A.D."; catch a hint of flamenco on "King For A Day"; visit one possible meeting of reggae and spaghetti western music on "Just A Man"; wonder why they ever bothered with the country stylings of "Take This Bottle." Elsewhere, catch glimpses of what FNM do with more rockist stuff. It's not always pretty, but it's usually effective.

Thanks to Liz Adams.

Source: Liz Adams
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