AOL Cyber-Talk November 21, 1994

AOL Cyber-Talk November 21, 1994

OnlineHost : Welcome to CYBER-TALK(tm)! CYBER-TALK(tm) is Warner/Reprise Online's weekly interactive talk show. Each segment of CYBER-TALK(tm) features a different music persona. Tonight's guests will be Roddy Bottum and Billy Gould of Faith No More, who will be available tonight to chat with fans about their new album, "King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime", produced by Andy Wallace. "King For A Day..." will be released in mid-March.

Max Warner : Hi everybody...Please welcome Billy Gould and Roddy Bottum from Faith No More
Max Warner : Billy is "Cukoo4caca" and Roddy is "Meneley"

Cukoo4caca : hey kids
Meneley : how's it going?
Max Warner : Here we go!!!
Cukoo4caca : hit me

PJ STARR : What inspired the lyrics to the song 'Caffeine'?
Meneley : mike wrote those lyrics, they're pretty much based on caffeine, it's the only drug he does.
Cukoo4caca : I think he stayed up for a couple of days when he wrote it

Fahrfleeb : Will the new album be released on vinyl?
Meneley : I'm actually not sure, do you know Max?
Cukoo4caca : I'm not sure if Warners prints on to vinyl in the States, but you'll definitely be able to get it as an import.
Max Warner : Yes...the album is tentatively scheduled to be released on vinyl

WellaL : I heard that the lead singer defecates in public. Read this in Details magazine. Is this true? Or is Details pulling my leg?
Cukoo4caca : aren't public restrooms considered "in public"??
Meneley : I believe it to be as true as anything you read in print.

Jennif363 : How did you get your name Faith No More?
Cukoo4caca : Oh god... We bet on a horse called "faith no more" and he won us a bunch of money
Meneley : then we started a band.

MAJESTY20 : Who is your new guitarist
Cukoo4caca : This guy named Trey who also plays with Mike in Mr. Bungle
Meneley : not a whole lot like jim martin.

FIRENINE : What are the backgrounds of the members of the group....I mean musical education..
Meneley : classical piano for me.
Cukoo4caca : I took bass lessons when I was 13...nothing after that, just played in alot of bands... I think Trey had some music training...that's about it.

Ssstardus : After the release of 'King for a Day' -- Do you plan on touring anywhere close to Cleveland?
Cukoo4caca : yes. many.

Dvlsadvoc : were you satisfied with the reception of Angel Dust by the public? (it's one of my all time favorite albums)
Cukoo4caca : yes I am. It actually did very well. But artistically above all, it was our first real album
Meneley : I was pretty pleased with the reception. i don't know anyone that hated it.

JDROP : What does Meneley mean??
Meneley : It's courtney loves real last name.

Greg9764 : Heard a rumor.. Did Jim really leave the band?
Meneley : jim left about a year ago. After our last tour we decided we'd all had enough.

Chunge : Who wrote the new material?
Cukoo4caca : hard to say...

TADurkin : Will this album be more Bungle-like than Angel Dust
Cukoo4caca : no. probably less Bungle like
Meneley : i don't expect it's anything like Bungle, other than... well, the same singer and guitar player.

Song4you : How do you find fame? do you like it, or is it driving you crazy as it did Kurt Cobain?
Meneley : we're hardly at that level. we grew into this band thing a little slower than Kurt.
Cukoo4caca : that's an impossible question to answer, as it assumes that fame was what made Kurt crazy

JCopetas : Hey, who won the non hair-washing contest?
Cukoo4caca : I lost. Puffy won, though roddy did well for a couple of years
Meneley : there's a new one going on now between puffy and trey.
Cukoo4caca : Puffy still claims that he washes his hair but we know that he doesn't

AWilker : Do you like the show "Beavis and Butthead"
Meneley : sometimes it's fun to see videos i don't usually see, the characters are a little sophisticated for me.
Cukoo4caca : After the 1000th episode it does begin to grow on you...

JDROP : Any new song titles?
Cukoo4caca : Just a Man
Meneley : yeah lots. "get out" "digging the grave" "Get Out" "Cukoo for Caca" is my personal favorite.

Majesty20 : Will there be any cover tracks on your new album
Meneley : possibly on the b sides for singles but not on the actual record.

PJ STARR : Bill, you have a sideline interest in serial killers. What is your take on the movie Natural Born Killers?
Cukoo4caca : Very good. I believe it will make interest in serial killers a very tacky thing to do

CPage4499 : What have you been doing since angel dust
Meneley : different things, recuperating mostly.
Cukoo4caca : We got off tour a year ago, then had to get rid of Jim, then write songs, then find a guitar player, then record for 3 months....then here we are

Razzled : What are your Inspirations, and what is the inspiration for "Everythings Ruined?
Meneley : I think at the time Mike was talking about his dealing with being in a successful band. Musically we like to think of the carpenters as an influence on that one.
Cukoo4caca : , I feel intimidated to go over Patton's lyrics. I think it's about McDonald's hamburgers with fries.

James Law : Last time, on Angel Dust, the lyrics were written on a plane trip. How did the lyrics develop this time around?
Meneley : on a plane trip? what the hell? I'm not sure if any were written on planes this time around, mostly on the ground i believe.
Cukoo4caca : In a restaraunt

HeliKlopt : What are your favorite bands at the moment?
Meneley : I like this band from vegas called low.
Cukoo4caca : I like STP, ....

Calamine : Where are you guys right now?
Cukoo4caca : At home in SF
Meneley : I'm at home. there's a photographer here taking pictures of me as i type for a story in the L.A. Daily news. I think he's getting a little annoyed. i'm not sure what at.
Cukoo4caca : I guess that explains why no one showed up at my house

AWilker : What is the relationship between Guns N' Roses and the awsome.. Faith No More??
Cukoo4caca : no relation...
Meneley : they took us on tour. that was a friendly gesture.
Cukoo4caca : there were no sexual relations if that's what youre getting at.

RaxWisco : what were your favorite bands when you were in High school?
Cukoo4caca : I liked Generation X and the Damned
Meneley : i liked neil young and broadway musicals.

JerryZoso : Where was the new album recorded? And are there any GUEST appearances?
Meneley : some horn players showed up and a choir, other than that, no big celebrities I'd care to discuss at this time.
Cukoo4caca : It was recorded in Bearsville, which is just outside Woodstock in NY. We lived in a goddamned cabin for a couple of months in the woods

FishCoons : Why did you pick War Pigs on the Sabbath tribute album, especially since you covered it already on your other albums
Cukoo4caca : what kinda name is fishcoons?
Meneley : i believe the sabbath tribute people asked for it. It was already recorded. They wanted to use a version of fnm playing with ozzy but the drummer made too many mistakes. He was really excited to be playing with the man. He makes mistakes when he's excited. Sadly, he's excited most of the time.
Cukoo4caca : He does tend to get a bit ahead of himself.... poor fella

CRITCO : What inspired you to do the theme from Midnight Cowboy? for that matter all the wierd covers you guys do.
Meneley : it seemed really powerful in a subtle kind of a way.
Cukoo4caca : just whatever sounds good but isn't some worn out predictable boring thing

QWickedMe : What do you guy's do in your sparetime? Any interesting hobbies or activities you would like to share with us?
Meneley : i've been swimming in the bay as of late. The temperature is down to 53 degrees.
Cukoo4caca : I spend alot of time on this goddamned computer. My AOL bill last month topped $100.

ColbyP : what is the name of the new cd and when will it be released
Meneley : it's called king for a day, fool for a lifetime. released in march.
Max Warner : The album is tentatively scheduled for a March 14th release.

On Luthie : Sir, if you please, I've always wondered what inspired thy antics at the end of Billy Idol's show in Seattle.. twas most revealing...Cukoo4caca : come on! i know that you've streaked before. What's the big deal?? We've gotta educate the youth on the seventies sport of streaking..
Meneley : to be naked with billy idol was always a dream of mine.

Foxglove9 : What type of sound will the new guitarist bring to the band?
Meneley : a lot more diversity.
Cukoo4caca : he is a good guitar player. I'll leave it at that.
Meneley : jim was really good at one particular sound.
Cukoo4caca : fair.

VegasQueen : Roddy - how many piercings do you have?
Meneley : seventy six.... no, sorry. i'm a smartass. I just have my eyebrow done. and my ears.

MartyBASS : What is the strangest thing that ever happened on the road?
Meneley : Strange is such a relative term.
Cukoo4caca : Once I drank 3 bottles of Jack daniels,....then drove a car 300 mph into this wall...and behind the wall were a ton of these groupie types...well, what was wild was that Jimmy Page was there and he wanted to jam...
Meneley : did they clap, i can't remember?

MARCO69 : Haven't seen you folks in the lower haight recently. Still hang in the hood?
Meneley : i was there in fact today.
Cukoo4caca : oh yeah. Was there last night
Cukoo4caca : I'm working on a sitcom based on the Toronado
Meneley : that is a brilliant idea Billy.
Cukoo4caca : i know. It writes itself. Cheers meets Generation X
Meneley : maybe puck is available.
Cukoo4caca : exactly. you're reading my mind

MariManso : Is it true that Courtney Love was your first lead singer?
Cukoo4caca : No. Our third
Meneley : no she came much later.

Janes1060 : Is the band happier with this album than AD ?
Meneley : i was happy with angel dust. i'm happy with this album. it's just different.
Cukoo4caca : I am definitely happier. It was much more fun to make

Denelise : These questions suck. answer this: will you wrestle me for food?
Cukoo4caca : no. but if you kick me and throw the food on the ground, i'll eat it
Meneley : any day any time.... I'll wrestle you for nothing...i'll kick your ass. you tough, denelise? you a professional?
Cukoo4caca : come on, denelise, threaten us!!! it will be fun!

MartyBass : Is the new material veering away from being "guitar oriented"?
Cukoo4caca : no, actually more guitar oriented. There are ALOT of guitars on this record... and at a high volume too

QuickNME : Did you eat the fish that died at the end of the EPIC video?
Meneley : absolutely, yes.
Cukoo4caca : not me. it wasn't big enough for all of us
Meneley : a tortured fish is a tasty fish.

Ranger932 : when did you get your REAL first break?
Cukoo4caca : Our first record came out because the woman who ran Mordam records heard our demo in a record store
Meneley : We were allowed on a stage....that was a break.

Greg9764 : Saw you at two festivals in Germany... Any possibility of doing fests in USA?
Cukoo4caca : yeah. we'd like to
Meneley : i wish there WERE festivals in the US.
Meneley : we've yet to do lollapawhola. that might be fun.

TMHamm : Is Mike Patton still with FNM?
Cukoo4caca : yes
Meneley : but he got married. i'm not sure if he changed his name or not.

Song4you : Longevity is something a lot of bands seem to lack, what do you feel you can do to stay on the charts?
Cukoo4caca : i don't know. One day at a time.
Meneley : kickbacks to the right people.

MechZilla : Who would play you guys in a made for television movie?
Meneley : the entire cast of models, inc.
Cukoo4caca : I wanna be "NED" in 90210
Meneley : good question! Billy, who's Ned?
Cukoo4caca : Peach Pit dude... co-partner with Dylan (pre-heroin)
Meneley : is everyone out there concerned about dylan? Iknow i'm concerned about dylan.

LINEIL : How long are Borden's dred's
Meneley : i think they get in his way when he sits on the toilet... he actually explained that to us at a band meeting the other day.
Cukoo4caca : he slammed them in a car door the other day, but you know, beauty doesn't always equal comfort, does it
Meneley : that's the price he pays for glamor.

AliCringe : I've noticed that most ftm lyrics are pretty cynical...especially on tracks like rv and everything's ruined and some that mostly mike's thing or what?
Meneley : we're all absolutely cynical. we try to keep it in check but it's tough. there's way too much in this world to criticize.
Cukoo4caca : and it's fun!!!

WayneC779 : so who gets credit for the visually stimulating "your menstruating heart" lyric?
Cukoo4caca : hmm...
Meneley : mike p. that's a beautiful lyric, right?
Cukoo4caca : I didn't care for it at the time, but as it's about Madonna, i guess it makes sense...

Max Warner : Oops, looks like Roddy has been bumped off the stage.. maybe a computer problem. Hopefully he'll be back before the end of the show.
Cukoo4caca : I think Meneley stage dived into the audience

TommyCPA : Speaking of titles, where did you get the title "Woodpecker From Mars" from The Real Thing?
Cukoo4caca : It's an Indian name for the drug "DMT" I think it's a cool name that fits the song.

RAshm7577 : what's it really like on the road? One long party or One long day??
Cukoo4caca : both. More a long day though

AndWhatNot : What's the deal with "Be Aggressive," what's that about?
Cukoo4caca : Roddy wrote it, but he got bumped off..

AliCringe : Just wanted to tell you i love you guys...i always found it amazing how you could be labeled as "heavy metal" and then cover such an incredible depth of differents styles...from zombie eaters to rv to midnight cowboy
Cukoo4caca : thanks

Max Warner : Last one
Razzled : Wasn't the original FNM called Faith No Man, and had a female lead singer, I heard it has a rumour
Cukoo4caca : it was a male singer. In fact, we made a single that can be found at some stores...

Max Warner : Thanks a lot for stopping in. Billy, any closing remarks?
Cukoo4caca : Thanks alot. We hope you're as excited about this new one as we are!! Also, feel free to send email. I'm gonna keep this name for email, so if anyone writes, i'll get it... especially if we're coming into your area. I can work out guest list deals ( ha ha ha).

Cukoo4caca : Roddy told me to say goodbye as well

Max Warner : The new album will be awesome. Check in the Warner forum for the latest updates. Thanks again.

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