Break Out Issue 10/1990

Break Out Issue 10/1990

Two live pictures of Mike Patton from their show in Kaiserslautern (30K).

  • Chris Glaub: I missed your semetary party yesterday! (Jim Martin's idea)
  • Billy Gould: Yeah, me too! Jim was there, but he complained that he had to hurry up to do his "job"!
  • Chris: What are you talking about?
  • Billy: 'Abspritzen' [I think it's called ejaculate in english.] At a cemetary! ha ha ha!
  • Chris: Oh yes, the do-it-yourself-way.
  • Billy: Excactly, but the storm yesterday scared Jim, so he was really quick! (laughter) What's it called in german again?....wixen... wichsen!

Break Out Issue 1/1991

Pictures: Puffy with Commando - Skydivers teeshirt, Mike, Billy - who's eating, and Jim with a black Brujeria baseball cap.

  • Chris: About your gigs in germany - Heino! Do you know him?
  • Billy: I own one of his record! [ Heino is a german singer. ]
  • Chris: Really??? Why don't you make a cover version of one of his songs?
  • Billy: I would really like to do one, maybe in the future when we have some time for that. [ the result was Das Schutzenfest ] Heino is a superstar, he's a god. We really want to know how he gets all the women!
  • Chris: My mother loves him, too!
  • Billy: Really? Excellent! That's excellent! He's the god for us! He is... how to say that ... say never anything bad about him! Do you know Yellowman?
  • Chris: Just the name.
  • Billy: He's a rapper from Jamaica. He looks familiar to Heino - he's a rapper but he also wears this cool sunglasses. You're really going to like him, if you hear one of his songs.
  • Chris: I'm really not into RAP.
  • Billy: then you like him. He's talking bullshit with his lyrics. Do you listen to Eazy-E or stuff like that?
  • Chris: NO!
  • Billy: You might like it. Hardcore Rap about beating whores, fucking, really cool, really hard. Like: You're driving with your car and kill some people while doing so. There's one song called 'Fuck Tha Police' [if I get this thing right, they're talking about the 'Straight Outta Compton' album from N.W.A] which the FBI didn't like at all, but I like the song. This whole thing is good - the confrontation - they're not like MC Hammer, they *do* something, they respond.
  • Chris: What about a EP with songs from 'Introduce Yourself', new recorded and of course with Mike Patton?
  • Billy: The idea is great, but alas, we have to send money to our ex-singer Chuck, and we *don't* want to do this.
  • Billy: You know that we played at many festivals, and at those all the bands stayed at the same hotel. I phoned the reception to get the number of ..... Then I phoned him at 4 am and said "You cocksucker, you fucking bastard..." I don't even have to pay for all this, the hotel pays for all this. .... Oh... and also funny is when you walk around in the hotel at 3 am, you listen to the doors of some people,and when they're 'in action' you open the doors. hahahahaha You know what you should try: Do you have those drops?
  • Chris: No! What's that?
  • Billy: Those are eye drops, but if you put some in the beer of someone, this person has to shit all night long. hahahaha You should try this at a bar, some drops of it and the girl is on the toilet for the rest of the night.
  • Chris: Reminds me of the 'spanish fly'?
  • Billy: Don't touch that shit, you can harm people with the spanish fly. Also there are another cool drops. If you touch them with your skin it's really painful, but they are used to immunize people. Well, you use those drops on the seat of the toilet, and then the person who suffers from the other drops will never forget this night! Ha ha.

Break Out Issue 7/1992

Pictures: Billy with red Brujeria - !Demoniaco! t-shirt, Jim as usual, Puffy drinking some water and Mike with brown trousers, orange teeshirt and a white woolen cap.

  • Chris: The show yesterday in Dublin (Ireland) (ticket prize: $100 !!!), was that the first one for you?
  • Billy: Well, no - we played two secret gigs one in Nottingham, Rock City and the other at the Marquee Club in London. [may 13 and may 14, 1992]
  • Chris: How are the lyrics this time? [speaking of Angel Dust]
  • Billy: I say only one thing. A absolutely *sick* individual wrote the lyrics, ha ha ha ha! Mike Patton wrote the lyrics for TRT in about three weeks, but his time he was also included for the songwriting and it took him *very* long to write the lyrics, six months to be precise, so that he himself was satified with them. Also he says, that the lyrics are very personal.
  • Chris: You told me yesterday the meaning of the lyrics to 'Jizzlobber'. Sounds like a sick story?
  • Billy: Yes indeed, but in a different way - really sick, because it's about someone who's in jail.
  • Chris: Next up: 'Kindergarten' and 'Crack Hitler'.
  • Billy: Honestly I really don't know what 'Kindergarten' is about, but 'Crack Hitler' is about this drug baron who takes Crack and compares himself with Hitler, because he commands enough dependend people. So he thinks he's the biggest one... You know what's funny about all this? His skin is not even white! He's colored and he thinks he's Hitler? We all laughed a lot about him, so we had to dedicate him a song.

Break Out Issue 9/1992

  • Chris: Let's talk about the Poison-story!
  • Billy: Oh my god... I did *NOT* tell you that the last time?
  • Chris: You just told me one month before that Monsters of Rock festival in Bologna (August 13, 1990), that you're telling the audience one day that the Poison drummer can suck his own dick. What you really did at that festival and due to this that was the only Mosters Of Rock Festival you played.
  • Billy: Okay, from the beginning. A long time ago we met some guys from a record company and those told us that the Poison guys are really cool, and the drummer is so 'skilled' that he can suck his own dick. We didn't believed them , but they sweared they saw this at a party. After that we read in an interview with the drummer where he was asked what the craziest thing he ever did was and he answered: Well, at a party I was really drunk and I showed the people how skilled I am. That convinced us and we knew it was the truth. Well, then in Bologna Mike woke up in the morning and said: Today is the day! Today I tell the kids onstage that the drummer from Poison can suck his own dick. Right before our show, we met the Poison guys and they were really cool, so we thougth that we can say that without offending any of them. What can I tell? After the sixth song Mike did it and we thought "Shit! He really did it!" First, every one was happy, everyone laughed about it, but then... after our show Poison plus bodyguards were waiting for us and insulted us! Especially the bass player! He screamed only and was about to cry, while the drummer the one we offended, sat there quietly. Later that day they told us that we were fired and we couldn't do the rest of the Monsters Of Rock tour. Mike Patton phoned the bass player at 3 am and wanted to say sorry about all that - he wanted to play at Paris the next day - but the phone call with this fucker was like this:
    • Bass player: *We* don't like it if someone says that we can suck our dicks.
    • Mike: Hey, wait a minute I didn't say that! I said that I heard from someone that your drummer is so skilled that he can do this!
    • Bass player: What's so funny about that?
    • Mike: Can you also do that?
    • Bass player: Of course I can do that!
    • Mike: You kiddin' me, right?
    • Bass player: No, I can do it. Can *you*?
    • Mike: No!
    • Bass player: Well, then you have a very small one.
  • Billy: Then it was obvious that Mike is not going to apologize for what he said at that festival. "What a dickhead, Jesus Christ!" It's still unbelievable what we heard there. Even Mike was shocked and that means a lot.
  • Chris: Do you had further problems after that?
  • Billy: Our record company was shocked, also was our manager, because the Poison managemant in america is really powerful. So powerful that they could harm us. But after all the management was really cool, and so it was just a funny story... and you know what really strange was? They asked us if we want support Poison on their next tour? We still can't understand this after all that happened.
  • Chris: Can something like this happen at the current Guns 'n Roses tour?
  • Billy: NO WAY! We all promised that we'll be like angels this time. I would more say that we sweared it.

That's it. If some sentences sound wrong, that's because I had to translate all that stuff. The interviews in those magazines are much longer, but I thought that I just translated the important (funny) part. I hope you enjoyed it.

Translated by Stefan.

Source: CVDB
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