Boston (MA), The Roxy
October 29, 1995 Boston (Massachusettes), The Roxy

by Michael Bristol

First off, I'll say that I did not go as a Toilet Duck. I entertained the idea of going AS Caca Volante, but I just didn't have enough time to put together such a costume. I also thought about going as Jim Martin, but I decided not to. So I just slapped some Latex and makeup and fake blood on my face and wrote CV on my legs with said blood and went as ... I don't know what - just a bloody guy I guess. I do have to say that I had to have been one of the five bloodiest people there.

Costumes were pretty sparse - I'd say that about 15% had a costume that took more than 10 minutes to put together. Another 10% had constumes that probably did take less than 10 minutes to put together.

Highlights were a big fat guy dressed as the Pope - complete with a cross and a hat (the Pope Rocked! He kept blessing people.), someone in a pink gorilla costume and a 8+ foot tall Grim Reaper. I'll tell you, you seeing the Pope slam-dance with a the cast of "A clockwork orange" and some guy who fashioned a costume out of those orange barrels they put the blinking lights on on the highway (yes, a REAL barrel) complete with the light strapped to the top of his head is quite a sight.

The Roxy is pretty intimate; the floor is about 40x40 and there are balconies aroudn it. We were in the center of the floor at all times.

The Nixons opened the show - and they were a good starting band. Nice energy, etc. A little pit (OK, four people) tried to form with the second song. The singer was trying to be the singer of Soul Asylum, it seems (actions and look-wise) and he also burned something. I think it was his guitar, but I wasn't watching. A lot of flame and smoke. They played about 5 songs.

Sweetwater was a disappointment. Pretty derivative and the singer wanted to be Mick Jagger trying to Vogue. I was NOT impressed. They also played too long. They killed the momentum from The Nixons.

Faith No More hit the stage at about 11:00 pm. I thought it was ... well ... pretty weak compared to the Angel Dust show I saw. I think that could have been because of the way the security did things. It just didn't fit my concert mood. Don't get me wrong, security was the coolest I have ever seen (they didn't really have to be there, with a Monk, an Abbot, the Pope and Jesus in the crowd - as well as Batman, The Tick and Arthur - we were all pretty safe! ) - they simply lined the pit and kept the pit people from the non-pit people. They put up with a lot of crap (and some of them seemed to enjoy it), but the problem was that I like lining the pit, rather than being in it. They took my place and blocked it off. If you got on one side of them, they threw you in. If you were on the other side, you were buffered from the pit. At the end they disappeared and we pressed in and I got really revved up, but I like a packed English-Soccer style, flesh-on- flesh arena and these guys gave the dancers and incredible amount of room to run around in. But regardless, tbe band was great musically, but the show didn't seem too extra-special.

Mike did a LOT of spitting, but he did nothing really remarkable aside from that. The drum tech guy kept fixing the cymbals - he was out there during every song it seemed - but I don't have a good enough ear to pick out what was wrong with them. Nobody else really seemed to have too much energy ... aside from Mike. He was running around (not as much as during Angel Dust, though) amd screaming and screaming and screaming. The screaming was great (I'm hoarse myself now) and it amazes me that he can do that without any ill-effect. He also stared in my direction (I did look pretty disgusting but you can never tell), and I mean STARED, for about 20 seconds and it is the creepiest thing - what with his little mustache and eveything. He looked REALLY intense in a "Go ahead - make a move. I DARE you." way.

Billy did the most talking at the beginning - basic "Do you wanna rock!" crap. They mentioned that they took time off from studio work to do this show. I was kind of hoping they'd debut something, but they didn't seem to. Part way through the concert Mike started talking about Hootie and we all started chanting Hootie and I was really hoping they'd start playing some as their parody du tour, but they didn't. Mike also talked about a "Our favorite Boston Band 'Anal Cunt'" and then asked if we all liked them (I have no idea what he was talking about) and then he razzed us because "Anal Cunt is playing across town right now you FUCKING LOSERS - what are you doing here?" It was all pretty basic chatter. Puffy said NOTHING and simply played away. They sprayed him down with a water mist, so the drum heads would throw up a spray whenever he hit 'em.

During "Surprise! You're dead." I don't think Mike sang any words at all during the fast parts (the pain, the tortue - that stuff). He just made noises that sounded like the lyrics. Actually, it sounded better this way - sort of like on DV wher he does all the mouth noises. After all, we should know the lyrics, right?

One really cool highlight - and I can't even remember which song he was doing this after (King for a Day, I think) - They lowered the lights and Mike just stood and breathed into the microphone while Roddy played real quietly underneath him. They put reverb on his breath and cranked up the volume and the whole place just shook with his breathing. This went on for a while and it was eerily good.

I have to reiterate: The crowd was the real highlight. This one guy with a big Penis strapped to his waist kept getting up top and surfing around, holding the Penis on high and shaking it around. He did this about 3 times and Mike didn't really pay any attention to him. There was someone in a Pink Gorrilla costume that surfed toward the end that Mike stared at, but for the most part he didn't really react to anything. I was really disappointed. During the very last song someone dressed as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes sufred over the crown and chunks of their costume got torn off and thrown into the air. It was almost beautiful - like big chunks of confetti raining down [sniff]...

We were out by 12:30. It seemed really short, but now that I'm listing the songs I guess we got quite a few. I know I'm munging together the two shows - I don't know how you people keep them separate, I really don't. They really should have had only one opening band.

Set list was (I'm working from memory here ...)

  1. Ricochet
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. What a day
  4. Midlife Crisis
  5. Cuckoo for Caca
  6. King for a Day
  7. We care a lot
  8. Surprise! You're dead!
  9. Easy
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. Epic
  12. "Glory Box" (Portishead)
  13. Gentle art of making enemies
  14. Digging the Grave
  15. Just a Man
  16. Caralho Voador
  17. Death March
  18. Evidence

    I think that's it. I hope I didn't add anything accidently - I started looking at album lists to try and refresh my memory and started heard the Angel Dust tour concert in my head and I started inserting things that weren't there. But I think this is close - at least in content if not order. It's all so fuzzy now ...

Source: CVDB
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