Milwaukee (WI), Modjeska
July 23, 1992 Milwaukee (WI), Modjeska

  1. Caffeine
  2. Death March
  3. Land Of Sunshine
  4. The Real Thing
  5. Midlife Crisis
  6. As the Worm Turns
  7. RV
  8. Surprise! You're Dead!
  9. Be Aggressive
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. Easy
  12. We Care A Lot
  13. Jizzlobber
  14. Woodpecker From Mars
  15. Epic
  16. Edge Of the World
  17. A Small Victory

Patton, during RV, went into the crowd and sang the whole song while being touched & body passed. He never missed a word. During A Small Victory some kid came up on stage & was mangled by security guards. Patton & Roddy, seeing this, tackled the guards & after awhile the kid was allowed on stage. Another fan seeing that this was OK came up on stage & soon a whole swarm of people came on stage. Security guards were overwhelmed & confused & could not control the rowdy fans. At the end of Small Victory, Patton pinned down some kid (not sure if it was the same kid that went on stage first) and stuffed the microphone in his mouth. The kid actually knew the words "You still won't hear.." After that he got off and FNM just did their usual headbanger part with Patton screaming his lungs out. Patton after finished screaming said, "Thanks! I hope they burn this fucking piece of shit place down; Good Night!"

Paul T Ellmaker.

Source: CVDB
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