Columbus (OH
September 23, 1992 Columbus (OH)

  1. Caffeine
  2. Death March
  3. Land Of Sunshine
  4. Zombie Eaters
  5. Midlife Crisis
  6. As The Worm Turns
  7. Chinese Arithmetic
  8. RV
  9. Surprise! You're Dead!
  10. Be Aggressive
  11. Introduce Yourself
  12. Easy
  13. We Care A Lot
  14. Jizzlobber
  15. Woodpecker From Mars
  16. Epic
    Encore 1
  17. A Small Victory
  18. Mark Bowen
  19. "Keep On Lovin' You" (REO Speedwagon)
  20. Edge Of The World

Cover snippets:

  • "Free Your Mind" (En Vogue) during Epic
  • "Mistadobalina" (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) during We Care A Lot

As great as the the bungle show was, nothing will best the FNM show I saw in Columbus, OH when I was an undergrad at OSU (Go Bucks, Beat Michigan). The show was the night of the first day of class during fall quarter, and as I'm standing outside the Newport (the best place in Ohio to see a show) young freshman women were more willing to walk in the street and take their chance of getting hit by a car than get to close to the FNM fans. Once inside, Helmet rocked as the opening band and I realized that this was a special show. The pit was down right nasty as they ripped through their set.

But, when FNM took the stage, all hell broke loose. After two or three songs, mike obviously felt that the crowd wasn't rowdy enough. He bent down and asked the bouncer in front of the stage 'excuse me, but what is your stage diving policy here?' The reply: 'you're not allowed'. Mike's retort: 'what are you going to do, throw me out???" and he jumped right into the pit as the rest of the band started "Chinese Arithmetic". Mike did all he could to stay in the crowd with the bouncers holding his legs like they were going to make a wish or something. After that, the crowd was tossing people on stage, people were going around the side to stage dive, diving from the railings on the side (myself included). The second person to make it to the stage was ..., and this tripped me out, my English professor from the previous spring quarter. Mike tried to depants someone who was on the stage for 'Surprise, you're dead' The keyboardist layed the best tackle on the same guy at the end of the song since Dick Butkus played for the Bears, Mike himself tackled Jim (jim was not impressed), the keyboardist, and the keyboards about a dozen times. Again, like Bungle, someone fell from the balcony, only this balcony was about 25 feet of the floor instaed of about 8. That's about all I remeber, it was over two years ago that I was at the concert. I never tire of relaying the experience though.

On the left picture you might see Roddy (below, yellow trousers) and Mike (above) who just try to get the trousers of the guy who came on stage during RV. Right, there's Mike (left) still trying to get the guy's (right) trousers while he sings Surprise! You're Dead.

At the end of We Care A Lot another guy came on stage and had the honor of singing the last few verses of that song. Roddy saw him, finished We Care A Lot and jumped on that guy (Pictures 2, 3 and 4).

Picture 1 features one of Mike's someraults. The second one shows Mike who crashed into Billy and they're on the way to Roddy's keyboards. Both landed in Roddy's keyboards and temporarily destroyed them. Roddy then preferred to stage dive (Picture 3), while they had to play the keyboards to the final part of Jizzlobber from a tape.

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