New York City (NY), Roselands
October 9, 1992 New York City (NY), Roselands

Excellent, memorable show. The Fabulous Four (Roddy, both Mikes and Billy) came out and did jumping jacks to The Right Stuff (I believe). I think they did this routine at every tour stop. Anyway, the set list included, but was not limited to:

  • Jizzlobber
  • Caffeine
  • Easy
  • Let's Lynch the Landlord
  • Be Aggressive
  • Edge of the World
  • "Sweet Dreams" (Nestles Chocolate Commercial)
  • Surprise! You're Dead!
  • A Small Victory
  • RV
  • Woodpecker From Mars
  • The Real Thing
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Epic
and many, many others.

At one point Roddy asked the crowd, in a mocking tone, if they had seen the movie _Singles_. He asked this question over and over to the stunned silence of the crowd. At any rate, it was evident that *he* at least had seen it and had been offended by the "grunge" stereotypes portrayed therein.

At one point during the concert, Roddy handed a water bottle to an obviously dehydrated mosher across the barricade, which was quite large. He went to a great deal of effort to hand it to this specific person, who was very grateful and surprised by Roddy's attention.

Anyway, back to the show... When they played "Jizzlobber" both Roddy and Mike P stage-dived into the crowd briefly.

At one point during the show, Mike started give Jim shit for something. I can only regret that I don't remember what it was exactly. For some reason I have a vague recollection that Jim started to ask the audience how they were doing and Mike asked Jim "you don't need one of these do you?" (referring to the microphone) and then swinging it at Jim or something. As you can see, my memory is very dim of the event, but I do remember that one minute everything was cool and FNM were putting on a great show, and the next minute Mike is VERY angry at Jim. The rest of the band didn't seem too surprised by this outburst and Jim himself was quite stoic. In fact, I think he simply started playing the intro to the next song and the band played on as before.

When they left after the first encore, the house lights came on and people started to leave the hall. Eventually, only Mike P and Roddy to come out and they told us they would be our karaoke band if somebody wanted to come up and sing. The crowd just stared at them, so Roddy got more specific for the fans. He asked the audience if anyone knew the words to "Edge of the World". Some people raised their hands and Roddy finally picked out a very non-descript, almost conservative-looking woman from the crowd. He would soon come to rue his decision. Mike P got behind the drum kit and pounded out a solid rhythm -- he wasn't bad, he knew his way around the skins -- while Roddy played piano (natch). Well, it wasn't too long before it was evident that this woman did *not* in fact know the words to "Edge of the World" despite her obvious claims to the contrary. The crowd began to get ugly. Roddy tried to placate the audience by making excuses for her like: "It's hard to be on stage in front of a bunch of people," "Could *you* do any better?" and the like. Nevertheless, she was terribly off-key, and had a high, whiny voice, in addition to missing three words out of every four because she didn't know them.

- Alisa

The set-list may not be complete and is in no particular order.

Source: CVDB
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