Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo
July 28, 1997 Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo

THIS SETLIST IS ABSOLUTELY AND DEFINITELY CORRECT! I got it from the soundman after the gig.

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. Easy
  6. Evidence
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. Home Sick Home
  9. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  10. King For A Day
    * * * 10 minute break * * *
  11. Ashes To Ashes
  12. Stripsearch
  13. We Care A Lot
  14. Caffeine
  15. I Started A Joke
  16. Epic
  17. Just A Man
  18. Got That Feeling
  19. Pristina

Here's the setlist the way it was written on the sound engineer's list, complete with spelling errors and mixing advice (can someone tell me what the hell does 'Paul Simon' mean in Midlife Crisis?)

MIDLIFE (Paul Simon)
CUP - K-2000
--------10 MIN BREAK--------
STRIP - K-2000

I had read from some earlier gig reviews that FNM had been uninspired on some gigs. Well, fortunately, tonight was different. They were definitely inspired and full of energy.

I got to the venue about 2 hours before the show (showtime was 8 p.m.). It didn't take long when I saw that Mike and Billy were walking out from the building very casually, and no one (there were about 30 people present at the time) seemed to take notice when they walked by. I had to yell out: "Hey Mike!", I couldn't resist myself, and lo and behold, Mike started looking around and when I raised my arm, he noticed me and waved to me. Just minutes later Mike came back and this time someone asked for his autograph and got it, too. We (that's me and 2 of my friends) ran to go and talk to Mike, but he left and went inside the building before we got a chance to say anything. Then Billy came out again. This time people were getting far more interested when they had realised that: "hey, these guys just walk around here among us!", so Billy had to sign some autographs. I had to beg a bit, cause he was on his way in, but he did eventually sign for everybody I think. Jon was the next, but nobody recognised him. I let him go, thinking that he probably would like to be left alone before the gig. Then came Roddy, walking really slowly and casually with a pair of Adidas pants on. I just had to walk to him and shake his hand. I said that I hope they play good tonight, and Roddy replied with a grin: "Well, I hope that too." Puffy was nowhere in sight.

The venue was a theater-like hall with a capacity of 1,500 and the gig was sold out. I got right in front in the middle of the stage, facing Mike, him being about 10 feet away from me. I didn't have to move at all during the gig, it was really the best 'seat' in the house, I think. Just before showtime, someone (a gig promoter, perhaps) announced that since there is no warm-up band, Faith No More will play longer tonight. And that announcement got a response. He then continued that the band will take a 10 minute break sometime during the show. I was thinking that they might play for 2 hours, something that they've never done. But they didn't do it this time either, the show lasted for about an hour and 40 minutes, breaks included.

The show started with the theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey'. The outfits were as they had been on previous gigs, everyone wearing suits except Puffy. The guys ran on stage, jumping around in idiotic fashion. The intro music continued with 'C.C. Rider', that famous Elvis show starter, and a voice announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, live from Las Vegas, FAITH NO MORE!" Mike then grabbed a mike (heh) and yelled: "One, two, three, four!" and 'Collision' kicked off the show. From the first moment you could tell that the guys were enjoying themselves. Billy was jumping around crazed all the time, and Mike was as aggressive and energetic as always. Jon's stage presence is, however, lacking. He really concentrated on playing and did nothing more. He did play well, I didn't notice any mistakes whatsoever, but he just stood there, on the right, with his foot on the effect pedals. Some people had criticised him for not playing any of his own licks on the older songs, but he did vary the licks a little, especially on 'Evidence'. Roddy was really cool, he kept his tie on for the whole show, and even asked the audience: "Is my tie straight?" He did seem a bit uninspired at times, I must say that. Puffy, on the other hand, was burning. He's one of the most aggressive drummers ever, and he's really fun to watch. I couldn't see his face at all, however, because the ride cymbal covered it.

About two songs into the show, the talking began. And boy, were they talkative. Or I should say that Mike was talkative, and I think it was due to the drink. He came on stage with a plastic cup that had some yellow liquid in it that looked like a drink of some sort, and he had a bottle of wine placed onto the drum riser. After the 2nd song (I think) Billy thanked the crowd in Finnish, saying: "Kiitos." After 'Last Cup', Roddy amused us by asking: "How about a little post-y punk-y?" referring to the next song which was 'Easy'. What was funny about that comment was that the 'post-y punk-y' phrase sounded like the name of a Finnish bank, Postipankki. They were really toying with that idea all throughout the gig. Mike added to Roddy's comment: "With a little Koskenkorva!" Now, Koskenkorva is a Finnish hard liquor, a bit like vodka. That comment from Mike further suggested that he was drinking.

The gig was really special, because there was no warm-up band and the set was divided in two. Billy was on such a roll (he stripped his pants down after the first song, but he couldn't get them off from his feet, cause he was wearing basketball shoes, so he played couple of songs with pants down in his ankles!) that he didn't want to have the break, so they had to vote. Everyone except Billy wanted to have the break. Billy was crushed, and acted like he was hurt. Mike asked the audience if they wanted a break or not, and of course the reply was a loud "NOOO!" Mike replied: "That's bullshit!" Then, when the band had voted, Mike said: "We'll take a 10 minute break and then we'll play TWICE as much music. That's bullshit, too!!!" and broke into laughter. He told us to get some refreshments during the break, which we would've liked, but the security couldn't get us any water.

During 'Easy' or 'Evidence' (can't remember exactly) some guy in the audience pointed in his ears and Mike took his earplugs off and gave them to him and then the guy put them in his ears. I pointed in my ears as well, and Mike asked: "You want too?" and gave out a pair again (there was a whole box of them on the drum riser), but someone grabbed them from Mike before me. Well, that was okay, cause I was already wearing a pair.

'King For A Day' was great. I've always thought of it as a bit of a boring song, but now it rocked. The ending was hilarious. Mike started making all sorts of noises (with the help of the soundman and effects) and the crowd was clapping along. Other guys played a note or two every once in a while to back Mike up. Puffy quit playing, got off the drum stool and walked out, but the others continued. The crowd stopped clapping and everyone was really quiet. It was incredible. Puffy came back, probably realising that this was something special, and played a bit again. Then the song finally ended and house lights came on.

When the second part of the gig began, Billy walked up on stage and said "Turn that fucking shit off!", referring to the crappy music played through the PA during the break. Others came after him, and I could easily read Roddy's lips when he said to Billy: "Where's Mike?" Mike came last (probably had a drink or two backstage) and started mocking Billy, saying: "What a sensitive guy!" referring to Billy's comment about the music and to the voting, when Billy was 'hurt'. Then they asked: "What were they playing?" I tried to yell Neneh Cherry, cause that was the other song they had played. I can't remember what the other was, but Mike started saying something about Tom Petty, so I guess it was Tom Petty.

During 'Ashes To Ashes' Mike had some trouble with his mikes (heh) which, by the way, didn't have that round cap on them, which helped Mike to get that 'Las Vegas entertainer' look. He was showing the soundman to put more volume in his monitors, but it didn't work, so he switched the mike and showed the soundman that he took mike number two. They were both smiling at each other, and then Mike got an idea and raised his fingers towards us in the same fashion he had raised them to the soundman, and yelled: "PEACE!" Heh, really funny, Mike. At one time, he had both mikes stuffed in his pockets, he was probably opening the wine bottle then. Once he lost his grip and the mike slid on the floor.

'I Started A Joke' was great. Mike introduced it: "This is a ballad. It's played at 40 beats per minute." He broke into fake tears in the end of the song, weeping, but it was more like the weep of madman than a truly moved person. 'Just A Man' (which again was brilliant, the best FNM song ever, I think) was dedicated "to all the poets in the audience! How many of you guys read poetry? You tough guys!" Mike got to stretch a little in the end, singing the last line: "you're burning... you're burning..." several times on his own (just like your average Las Vegas entertainer) until the band broke into the final tremolo: "MEEE!!!!!! HELSINKI, FUCK YES! YES! YES! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!" Mike was pointing in the audience with his finger with every 'yes', expressing his satisfaction with the gig and the audience.

The encore began with Mike, obviously in good humor (read: drunk) and enjoying himself, saying: "We've got two more songs!" and holding two fingers up. The crowd starting asking for more, and Mike tried to calm them down, saying: "Two NEW ones!" Then he said: "What? Five?!" holding five fingers up. He shouldn't have done that. I started showing him to play five more songs. He saw that, got pissed, told me to "Shut up!" and made a throat cutting gesture to me. Gee, thanks, Mike. They played 'Got That Feeling' (during which Mike was losing breath) and 'Pristina' which was absolutely beautiful. Then they got offstage, but Puffy did something that convinced me that he was really happy. He pointed to us from the side of the drum riser, then put his thumb on his forehead, and then gave us thumbs up. That was special.

The new songs went down very well, I think. 'Collision' probably wasn't the best choice to start the gig, but it wasn't the worst either. 'Last Cup' was a bit boring, I'm not convinced that it should be played live. 'Home Sick Home' was awesome, Mike playing the madman (or just being himself). 'Naked' and 'Feeling' were great, and played with much enthusiasm. 'Ashes To Ashes' and 'Stripsearch', however, were probably my favorites of the new songs. With the exception of 'Pristina' which I find extremely beautiful, and it really works live, too.

From the older songs the hits were the most boring ones. That, of course, is only my opinion, but I don't think that the band can pack as much energy to 'Midlife Crisis', 'We Care A Lot' and 'Epic' as they used to. 'Easy' is also getting a bit boring. 'Evidence', however, still sounds fresh to me. 'Gentle Art' was one of the best of the night, as was 'Caffeine'. Those two are such great aggressive numbers, they're not getting 'old' at all. 'Introduce Yourself' was surprisingly good, I really liked it, but 'King For A Day' was the big surprise for me. I never thought that I would've enjoyed it as much as I did, and that goes for the whole song, not just the magnificent ending. 'I Started A Joke' and 'Just A Man' were as majestic and awesome as ever, they were just pure heaven.

After the show we hung outside the venue and waited for the band members. First out was Jon, and he was carrying his suit and a backpack, so he told us that he would just go to the bus and come back. We followed him to the bus, and then he signed for everyone (about 20-30 people) and talked with me and my friend (others weren't interested in talking to him) for about 15 minutes or so. He told us that they may come back in November-December to do a proper tour. He was REALLY nice, shook our hands and everything, he really made a good impression on us. He then went back to the building where others were having dinner. And he was again the first one out of there. (Now that I think about it, Billy had also taken some stuff to the bus, but he didn't really have time to talk, he just told us that they were leaving tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. "So we're fucked." and the name of the hotel they were staying in.) Jon walked to the bus, and it took about 45 minutes for the next guy to come out. It was Roddy, and I told him that they had played even better than two years ago. Roddy told us that they had had no idea that there wasn't a warm-up band, and that it was a bit odd playing without one. Now there were only about 15 people left, waiting for the band members to come out to get their autographs. Puffy came out right after Roddy, and I ran to him saying: "You're the greatest drummer ever." Puffy was a bit amused, saying that perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit. Puffy was really nice as well, he was really talkative, he told about his 3 week old daughter and that he had only been with her for a week. I congratulated him, and when he had to go, he patted me on the chest, walked a bit, turned back, and offered me his hand and I shook it of course.

Then it took some time, until some older guy came out and started saying "two minutes", referring to Billy and Mike who were still in and about to come out. I asked from him if he was the tour manager, but he said that he was the bus driver, smiling. Yeah, right, he was, I saw the bus driver. Then Billy came out, everyone got an autograph, and finally, Mike comes out. But what do you know, the man's drunk (all the others were quite sober), enjoying the company of some Latin guy and most probably his wife, speaking some language unknown to me in loud voice, laughing. He started to go around us fans, avoiding to sign autographs, but eventually, after some serious begging, he did scribble his name for me and my friend. But some people who waited for 2 hours in the cold wind didn't get his autograph. He was saying that he has to go or otherwise he'll miss the bus. Yeah, like the bus would leave without him. I was disappointed that I didn't get to talk to him (I talked to everyone else), and I yelled after him: "Mike! See you later!" and he did respond with a "See ya!"

I got all of their autographs on the back of the setlist I got from the soundman after the gig. Jon and Puffy signed their full names, Mike signed his "Patton", Roddy signed "Roddy" and Billy signed his "MRB". I also got Roddy's and Billy's autographs on the back of my ticket.

Petteri Kursukangas.

The concert was sold out a couple of weeks before the show and there were some 1400-1500 people, I guess. A local radio station in Helsinki had interviewed Mike and Billy earlier in the day and Billy told that there is a party at Kulttuuritalo tonight and people should come there with an upward trend of drunkness. There was no support act and the audience was told that FNM was going to have a break in the middle of their show. The intro tape was the main theme from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey at the end of which a big voice said something like "...from San Francisco California, Faith No More..." The band walked in with big smiles and they were wearing black suits and white shirts except for Puff (what a surprise). Mike had a white tie and a glass of wine(?) in his hand, Roddy had a black tie and Billy and John had no ties.

During the concert Billy and Roddy said some Finnish words like "kiitos" (thank you) and "Koskenkorva" (a Finnish vodka-kind-of-liquor). At some point of the first part of the show Mike made out a voting with the audience and the band members about if they should have a break or not and it seemed as if Billy lost it so Mike shouted at him something like "Hahahaaa, you lose! Sucker!".

The last song before the break was KFAD at the end of which Mike made some really weird voices with his mouth (in my opinion it sounded like the stuff in his solo album and it was great). For almost the whole concert, Mike was the same mad-man as always but I think he smiled more and looked less dangerous and more like he was having a good time (who knows what goes inside his head, I'm not sure) than in their earlier shows I've seen in Finland (in 92, 93 and 95). What can I say, Billy's and Puff's (man, he's the rhythm machine number one!) playing was really tight and Roddy was the cool gentleman as always. John was quite inexpressive, he just did the job. I think that after Jim FNM has always been Faith No More and the guitar player.

Before Just a Man Mike asked the audience if anyone liked poetry and the audience responded "Yeah!!!" and mike said "Yeah, fucking tough guys!?!" Pristina was the last song and the band walked out of the stage shortly after which some rock'n'roll music from the fifties started to come out of the speakers. I was a little disappointed because they didn't play another encore although the audience was making quite a big noise and started to demand them back to the stage right after Pristina. But in all, I was very satisfied and so were the other people in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland on that one Monday evening of July of 1997, I guess.

Pekko Juvonen

I arrived at the show a couple of hours before the show started. Surprisingly, there were some people already there before me and my friend. After about an hour, a green van pulled up by the entrance, and Bordin and Hudson jumped out. They both went into another part of the building, I dunno why. Later, Bordin walked out and went somewhere else. When I saw him, I shouted "Hey Mike!" and waved to him, and he waved back! A while later, Hudson walked out and went where Bordin went and I waved and shouted to him as well, and he waved back too! About half an hour later, Patton, Bottum, and Gould walked across the entrance. I shouted to them but they didn't hear me cuz there were a lot of people the by this time. Later, the three of them signed autographs in front of the venue!

The show started with a roadie announcing that because there is no opening band, FNM are gonna do an extended gig, but with the condition that there is a 10 min break in between. The show started on time with Collision. Throughout the show, Patton, Gould and Bottum talked a lot. I cannot remember all they said but I do remember most of it. Before the break, Patton asked the audience if they wanted a break. Then he said you can go outside for refreshments or stay in, or go to the "hissi" (means "lift" in Finnish). Then he asked the band to vote if they wanted a break. Only Gould said no, and as a result, Patton laughed at him. During the break, Gould came on and started complaining about the music they were playing through the P.A. He said "turn this shitty music off!". Then the rest of the band came on, and Patton said "we tried to enjoy our break but Mr. Sensitive here (points to Gould) wanted to continue". Then Gould says to Patton that the music that was being played trough the P.A was shitty. As a result, Bottum asks the audience if they liked the music. Of course, everybody shouted YEEAAA!!!. Then, he and Patton laughed at Gould, and Bottum said he chose the music (the music was 80's pop, Peter Gabriel and stuff). Other quotes by Patton were "everybody say WOW!" and the audience said wow, then Patton said " Wow in American means fuck you!!". He also said "How about some Koskenkorva!" (that's Finnish vodka) to the audience just before Easy began.

The ending of King For A Day featured I think Bottum and Patton making these weird sounds. It sounded like waves and groans. Kind of like the ending of "The Bends" by Mr. Bungle. It was really long and sounded cool. They had these same sounds between Caffeine as well. I also remember I Started A Joke sounding very good. During Epic and We Care A Lot, the crowd went crazy and they sung a long to a lot of the lyrics. Patton seemed to be impressed and said thank you in a really surprised and honest kind of voice, which is very unusual of him. Hudson is a good live guitarist, although not very interesting to look at. He just stands there. Gould looked funny when he tried to take his pants off (they were all wearing black suits, except Bordin). They got stuck to his feet and he had to play one song with them stuck to his feet. Later a roadie helped him to take them off. When he was taking them off, Patton said "watch our bassist strip!". Patton dropped his mic, on Last Cup Of Sorrow I think. It looked as funny as on the Video Croissant video when he dropped his mic during Caffeine.

Overall, the show was great. FNM played really well, and Patton sung properly most of the time. FNM seemed to be pleased with the show in the end and thanked the audience. The audience weren't assholes, and it appeared they were all big fans. They sung along to a lot of the songs. I guess this was a special show since FNM played so many songs.

Jarkko Heilio

Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
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