Cologne, Bizarre Festival
August 16, 1997 Cologne, Butzweiler Hof, Bizarre Festival

  1. Intro: Theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  5. Caffeine
  6. Last Cup of Sorrow
  7. Evidence
  8. Easy
  9. Home Sick Home
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. Naked in Front of the Computer
  12. King for a Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic (w/ "I Believe I Can Fly" - R.Kelly from Space Jam soundtrack @ the piano part)
  15. Ashes to Ashes
  16. Got that Feeling
  17. Just a Man
  18. I Started a Joke
  19. We Care a Lot
    Encore 2
  20. Be Aggressive
<hobolobo> here they come
<Guyvah> yeah, i saw that
<hobolobo> 2001
<Guyvah> shhhh
<Ginger> shhhhh
<Guyvah> was that in german...wtf
<hobolobo> "akljfjhguery buah FAITH NO MORE"
<Guyvah> more liquor!!!!
<hobolobo> !!!
<Guyvah> mike and his fucking wine
<hobolobo> oh, this is collision
<Guyvah> great
<Guyvah> next is be aggressive
<hobolobo> nice slide show
<hobolobo> yawn
<Guyvah> it's all blurry.
<Ginger> ohhhhh damn it to hell, i can't listen! See you in an hour
<hobolobo> it's better than expected
<hobolobo> ha!
<Guyvah> i suppose. if they play be aggressive next, they really do suck
<Guyvah> same set every time fucks
<hobolobo> who cares about the same setlist?
<hobolobo> that's lame
<Guyvah> i was telling some guy at work what the September 19 NYC set was going to be.
<Guyvah> because at least, like going to their shows you could be surprised like, "Wow...they played Big Kahuna" or something.
<hobolobo> the video totally doesn't synch with the audio...funny
<Guyvah> yeah, the video should go.
<hobolobo> I don't think you're supposed to see them more than once or something
<Guyvah> mike stinks.
<hobolobo> or have an internet report on what they're gonna play
<hobolobo> haha
<Guyvah> That's not the point...just, if you're going to be known as a good live band.
<Guyvah> uh oh
<hobolobo> we should post the log as our "review"
<Guyvah> midlife crisis...they SKIPPED over be aggressive tonight.
<hobolobo> hahaha
<hobolobo> ohh
<hobolobo> nice tone
<Guyvah> my ra is getting all choppy and shit.
<hobolobo> this sounds cool
<Koc> did they start with collision?
<hobolobo> of course
<Guyvah> hahahaha...yeah, do it.
<Guyvah> are you logging this?
<hobolobo> yes
<Guyvah> hahahaha. that would be really funny.
<hobolobo> we should
<Guyvah> this does sound pretty good though.
<hobolobo> yeah
<hobolobo> it does
<hobolobo> hey!
<Guyvah> too bad this RA sound quality isn't so hot. they should post the whole concert as a stereo mp3
<Guyvah> oh no!!
<Guyvah> rebuffering my cock
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> could you not rebuffer your cock please?
<Guyvah> it's skipping and shit...this sucks.
<hobolobo> mine isn't
<hobolobo> Midlife Crisis sounds great
<Guyvah> heh
<Koc> aol sucks
<hobolobo> well "great' for mono real audio streamed from another continent and bounced off a satellite to MCI's backbone, then to my isp, then sent across Houston through the telephone into my little modem
<Guyvah> i don't understand...older RA streams didn't have rebuffering and they sounded fine. they add this new "buffering" feature and all i hear is static and shit. fuck you and you're no static havin' ass. :)
<hobolobo> puffy!
<hobolobo> gentle art
Guyvah is going to vomit
<Guyvah> "If you don't make a -hiissssss- gentle are o-hisssssss-fucker-
<hobolobo> tht sucks
<hobolobo> close it and try reconnecting
<Guyvah> yeah. :(
<Guyvah> for that black, bald alanis that played before, it didn't hiss.
<hobolobo> haah
Guyvah is now known as Hiss
<hobolobo> make sure you have it set to buffer up to available memory
<Hiss> i do
<Hiss> my connection just sucks.
<hobolobo> I have virtual memory on and set to a hd with 500 megs
open...maybe that's why
<hobolobo> haha
<Hiss> i want that
<hobolobo> mike's going off
<Hiss> he should go off stage
<hobolobo> haha
<Hiss> just kidding
<Hiss> caffeine
<Hiss> you have to announce to songs so people can read the log properly
<hobolobo> "neeshd anofer glash of wine heeer...keep ma footng"
<Hiss> put this log on WOTY
<Hiss> hahahahaha
<hobolobo> shlosh
<Hiss> Mike left his tongue in San Francisco
espn sets mode: +o hobolobo
<hobolobo> HAH
<hobolobo> hi espn
espn sets mode: +oooo Hiss Koc LeeHarvey octafish
<Hiss> gracias
hobolobo sets mode: -o Koc
<octafish> hespn
<Hiss> Is this on hahahaha, yeah.
<Hiss> Is this on TV, Stefan?
<espn> that was the last time i answer a call while being online
<espn> fuck!
<hobolobo> fuck!
<hobolobo> ?
<espn> what?
espn looks on the tv screen
<Hiss> the concert..is it on TV?
<hobolobo> I knew I should have taped this
<espn> I'm watching michael jackson right now. live from munich june 1997
<hobolobo> oh
<hobolobo> is he bad?  do you know it?
<Hiss> this is actually good and stuff
<hobolobo> yeah
<hobolobo> it is
<espn> hi kicks my butt!
<Hiss> "Play Stripsearch!"
<hobolobo> hehe
<hobolobo> not until after caffeine damnit
<hobolobo> this sounds great
<Hiss> -hiss-
<Hiss> i like the little guitar scrape thing Hudson was doing during the bass line
<hobolobo> this sounds great
<Hiss> this is so '92
<Hiss> hahaha...what the fuck is that!?
<Hiss> haha
<hobolobo> JA!
<Hiss> "don't play epic!"
<Hiss> you're like getting the stream before i am.
<hobolobo> "where's my manager?  they can't see me out there god damnit. This is a fucking disgrace"
<Hiss> "Where's my manage...blah blah blah god damn it! This is a fucking disgrace!" - I'm ready octafish needs to reinstall .ra
<Hiss> uh oh...last cup of sorrow.
<Hiss> could you not quote the same things i do?
<Hiss> hahahaha
<Hiss> setlist!
<Hiss> gay
<hobolobo> GAY!
<hobolobo> this sounds like a totall different song live
<hobolobo> are there any keyboards?
<Hiss> Mike's wearing a white shirt, and black pants. no tie.
Hiss is now known as Gay
<espn> there are keyboards
<hobolobo> I hear them now
<espn> and it sounds even good
<hobolobo> yeah, it does
<hobolobo> really good
<hobolobo> well
<Gay> it sounds good. no really
<hobolobo> until that
<hobolobo> ok...back on track
<Gay> could they not try to harmonize?
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> I thought that was funny
<Gay> what?
<hobolobo> at least they actually can now
<Gay> sort of, not really.
<Gay> play smaller and smaller
<hobolobo> better than previously
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> nice ending
<Gay> this review "log" is going to be really annoying...get a job you guys.
<hobolobo> haha, yeah, probably.
<Koc> fuck it
<hobolobo> Heino!
<Gay> "This next song is next." ?
<hobolobo> "First alternative singer in germany"
<Gay> "cheni show singer in germany."
<Koc> real player wont work for aol
<Gay> don't play evidence now
<Gay> fuck
<hobolobo> evidence
<hobolobo> is this following a pattern?
<Gay> sort of
<hobolobo> fuck it
<hobolobo> it works.  It sounds good
<Gay> actually...not really.
<hobolobo> they sound like they practiced
<hobolobo> stop complaining
<Gay> i'm not damn it. i'm "reviewing"
<Gay> The band sounds good, but Mike has and could sound better.
<hobolobo> hahah
<hobolobo> yeah, that's true
<hobolobo> he sounds pretty good here though
<Gay> s'pose
<hobolobo> I wish I would have taped this
<espn> would have?
<Gay> they'll have it online to listen to, don't worry
<espn> hey it gets on tv tonight so shhh
<hobolobo> yeah, they told me not to
<Gay> the Foo Fighters dealie is up and so is some other shit.
<hobolobo> ok
<hobolobo> hopefully they don't cut it or anything
<hobolobo> haha
<Gay> You German's stole our Faith No More damn it.
<hobolobo> mike looks scary in that "slide"
<espn> they might.. I don't know . they're scheduled for 70mins
<Gay> Yeah. :( but like i said before..."Mr. John Hudson! On Guitar! Woo!" - Mike Patton during "Evidence" solo
<hobolobo> Jon sounds pretty cool
<espn> I saw already 70mins broadcasts from Bizarre festivals
<hobolobo> ok
<hobolobo> and?
<hobolobo> haha
<Gay> Roddy is wearing a tie folks.
<hobolobo> "PUT your hands in tha air!"
<hobolobo> aww yeah
<hobolobo> cheese factor +5
<Gay> hi mom
Gay is now known as Guyvah
<Guyvah> now what...
<hobolobo> easy
<hobolobo> do they even play this in the US?
<Guyvah> uh oh.
<hobolobo> wow
<hobolobo> mike sounds good
<Guyvah> Of course they do...
<Guyvah> yeah. he's sounding nice.
<hobolobo> the whole thing sounds good
<Guyvah> they need a laser show
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> Stonehenge!
<hobolobo> they need Stonehenge!
<Guyvah> hahaha...uh...if you insist.
<Guyvah> oh my god.
<Guyvah> john hudson's going buck wild
<hobolobo> "buck wild"
<Guyvah> he's like doing good or something.
Guyvah is now known as BuckWild
<hobolobo> yeah
<hobolobo> wooo!
<hobolobo> That ruled
<hobolobo> oh yeah
<BuckWild> play pristina
<hobolobo> that song
<BuckWild> what's this war pigs
<hobolobo> !!
<hobolobo> hi Mike
<hobolobo> hahaha
<BuckWild> what is this...it rules. keep yelling.
<hobolobo> YEAH!
<BuckWild> Mike's just yelling folks.
<hobolobo> hahaa
<hobolobo> Great video shot of dazed germans
<BuckWild> introduce yourself
<hobolobo> home sick home, dork
<BuckWild> uh oh...Home Sick Home
<BuckWild> oh, sorrrrrrrrry
<hobolobo> haha octafish downloads a new player,  but i don't think there is one for OS 8 yet
<hobolobo> this song is so bad it's funny
<BuckWild> this is my least favorite song.
<BuckWild> they should go home with this song and stay there
<hobolobo> I think it was meant to be lame
<BuckWild> it sounds okay live though.
<hobolobo> maybe billy will yell along
<BuckWild> Billy yell?
<hobolobo> that yelling thing ruled
<BuckWild> yeah.
<hobolobo> whoah
<hobolobo> cool guitar
<BuckWild> it said home sick on the screen...on the bottom. that rules.
<hobolobo> oh
<hobolobo> I missed that
<hobolobo> yay
<hobolobo> it's over
<hobolobo> Hey hey!
<BuckWild> it was really tiny and blurry, like this concert
<hobolobo> introduce yourself
<BuckWild> Introduce Youself(for real)
<LeeHarvey> is the realaudio still running?
<hobolobo> hehe, ever notice how mike breathes in this song?  he like...does it for punctuation kinda...
<BuckWild> this even sounds good...for introduce yourself
<hobolobo> real video
<hobolobo> yeah
<hobolobo> yeah, it does
<BuckWild> the right on's and the introduce yourself's are right on cue.
<hobolobo> that sounded cool
<LeeHarvey> will you put up the url again. I just got my player to work.
<BuckWild> Mike doesn't breathe, didn't we discuss how he wasn't really human and how he's just a rock star to be obsessed over?
<hobolobo> hahah, oh yeah, I keep forgetting that :) hobolobo changes topic to "enter pnm:// in RealAudio player to hear/see fnm"
<hobolobo> aack
<BuckWild> yeah.
<hobolobo> rebuffering
<LeeHarvey> thank you.
<hobolobo> ugh
<hobolobo> this just stopped
<BuckWild> "Are you having fun? Nice festivals huh..." - Mike
<BuckWild> Naked In Front of the computer(hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss)
<hobolobo> ok
<BuckWild> this sounds good too. wow. they sounds good.
<hobolobo> I had to reconnect
<hobolobo> sounds like they spent the last 2 weeks rehearsing
<BuckWild> GOOD
<BuckWild> finally
<hobolobo> yes
<BuckWild> maybe they practiced Smaller and Smaller (hint, hint - hi billy)
<hobolobo> yeah!
<espn> they didn't have their own soundboard guy this time
<hobolobo> the guitar rules here
<hobolobo> hahahahah
<BuckWild> hahahahaha
<BuckWild> their sound guy sucks
<BuckWild> This sound guy rules.
<BuckWild> compared that THAT sound guy.
<BuckWild> we've been watching this for 40 minutes already? god help me.
<BuckWild> "King For A Gay"
<hobolobo> this song fucking rules
<BuckWild> yeah, it surely does rock the house.
<hobolobo> the bass sounds really good in this broadcast
<hobolobo> the tone sounds really cool
<BuckWild> They're sounding excellent tonight, "in rare form"
<hobolobo> you should have gone to this cologne show, espn
<BuckWild> i think they need to play helpless and get a vocal processor to cover the extra vocal tracks...yup yup
<hobolobo> this has got to be one of the best songs they've ever done
<BuckWild> if that's possible...or however good bands work it. hire girls to sing.
<hobolobo> I hope they do the long ending
<BuckWild> or guys
<BuckWild> no hobo, Smaller and Smaller
<hobolobo> in Keyboard Magazine they said they experimented with sampling backup vocals through the keyboard, but it sounded cheesey
<hobolobo> I don't think there's much to complain about though, this show sounds really good
<hobolobo> Jon improvises around stuff
<hobolobo> FUCK
<hobolobo> rebuffering again
<BuckWild> this just stopped
<hobolobo> Shit
<hobolobo> suckscuksucksuck
<BuckWild> uh oh
<BuckWild> help
<BuckWild> NO!!!!
<espn> :PPP
<hobolobo> now I can't contact the host
<BuckWild> fuck you!
<hobolobo> THAT SUCKS
<BuckWild> me neither
<hobolobo> God damnit
<BuckWild> yeah...shit sucks
<BuckWild> fuck
<BuckWild> fucking real audio
<LeeHarvey> how can I get it just to do sound and forget the visual?
<BuckWild> fuck then
<hobolobo> ok
<BuckWild> you can't
<hobolobo> whew
<hobolobo> here it goes
<BuckWild> oh here comes
<hobolobo> goood
<hobolobo> this was the part I wanted to see the most
<hobolobo> I love this song live
<hobolobo> noOOOOOOOO!
<BuckWild> this does sound really good.
<hobolobo> :(
<hobolobo> too bad I missed it
<BuckWild> the didn't play the long ending...maybe they did.
<BuckWild> bass....keyboard...mike hissing...
<hobolobo> I think it's still going
<hobolobo> wow
<hobolobo> this is new
<BuckWild> bass...mike hissing...guitar effects...(in that order, not together)
<BuckWild> this rules
<hobolobo> Mike's making that sound I think
<hobolobo> that fucking rules
<hobolobo> oh yeah!
<BuckWild> yeah...and the light keys in the background
<hobolobo> Fuck yeah!
<BuckWild> they should do this all night.
<hobolobo> this sounds so good
<hobolobo> it's all atmospheric and etherial
<BuckWild> is that mike with effects or a guitar.
<BuckWild> Pristina!
<hobolobo> some of it's mike...they did it like that before
<hobolobo> YEAH!
<BuckWild> this is the end...
<hobolobo> is that patton?
<octafish> wow
<octafish> pristina
<hobolobo> he sounds different
<BuckWild> this sounds good...or something.
<hobolobo> ok
<octafish> is getting video too
<hobolobo> yeah
<BuckWild> he doesn't sound different.
<BuckWild> he sounds good.
<BuckWild> maybe that's different
<hobolobo> yeah, sounds great
<hobolobo> that must be it
<BuckWild> heh
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> this song works so well live
<LeeHarvey> whoa, mines actually working.
<hobolobo> it sounds better this way than on the cd I think
<BuckWild> this song rules...it's such an epic song. speaking of which...
<BuckWild> don't play it
<BuckWild> thanks
<hobolobo> woooo!
<hobolobo> it's not over yet
<BuckWild> yeah, this sounds good. they should do another live album.
<hobolobo> but they didn't play We Care a Lot either
<BuckWild> maximum gay
<hobolobo> god this sounds awesome
<BuckWild> we can do without them
<BuckWild> yeah...jesus christ.
<BuckWild> Mike sounds good...everything rocks.
<hobolobo> stefan, please please please tape this for me.
<BuckWild> NO!!! -hissssssssssssss-
<BuckWild> no, tape this for me
<hobolobo> damn
<hobolobo> this...wow
<BuckWild> I want a home video this time around.
<hobolobo> I forgot this band was great live
<LeeHarvey> haha play RV!
<hobolobo> NOOOOO...Epic!
<hobolobo> ugh hobolobo gets over it
<BuckWild> they're not always great live. but this...this is good.
<BuckWild> they went into it pretty good though.
<LeeHarvey> oh no!
<LeeHarvey> no!
<LeeHarvey> NO!
<hobolobo> mike's actually enunciating though
<LeeHarvey> epic
<BuckWild> yeah, no shit. this sounds better that 95 or even 92....or 91 and 89
<hobolobo> it doesn't sound like garbled mush like it seems like it has lately
<Plushious> hi
<hobolobo> it sounds cool
<BuckWild> But still...
<BuckWild> could my dad not vacumm in the next room while i'm watching this?
<hobolobo> hehe
<hobolobo> this sounds really good.
<LeeHarvey> buffer, goddammit!
<BuckWild> "I went to a FNM concert and my dad vacummed through 'Epic', it ruled."
<hobolobo> hah
<hobolobo> gotta love the Internet
<hobolobo> they sound really together
<BuckWild> i still think they need to curb the use of this song in their setlists
<BuckWild> hudsons solo sounds really good...and yeah. that too.
<BuckWild> uh oh...if my power goes out...i'll cry. BuckWild wants the storm to go away.
<LeeHarvey> they could replace it with RV! Goddammit I love that song.
<hobolobo> I dunno....think about this, if it makes like 95% of the crowd really happy....they should play it every time.
<BuckWild> No, Smaller and Smaller
<hobolobo> malpractice
<BuckWild> s/RV/smaller and smaller
<hobolobo> and they need to play jizzlobber more
<BuckWild> but it doesn't
<LeeHarvey> Land of Sunshine
<hobolobo> and why do you bother
<BuckWild> Radiohead didn't play "Creep" that's my argument
<hobolobo> yeah yeah yeah yeah!
<BuckWild> oh...yeah, why do you bother
<BuckWild> this rules.
<hobolobo> yees
<BuckWild> this sounds good though, i'm really impressed by this show.
<hobolobo> Jon sounds really good
<hobolobo> !?!?
<BuckWild> Yeah, I'm going to shake his hands.
<hobolobo> haah
<BuckWild> What song is this.
<hobolobo> it fits
<BuckWild> "I can beleive i can fly" during Epic
<hobolobo> "spread my wings and fly away"
<hobolobo> FUCK YEAH!
<LeeHarvey> oh no, don't fucking buffer through the piano. FUCK!
<hobolobo> that fucking ruled
<hobolobo> ashes to ashes
<BuckWild> why did i type, "I can believe" i'm an idiot now
<BuckWild> Ashes To Ashes folks
<hobolobo> haha
<BuckWild> uh oh...powers fading. FUCK!
<hobolobo> :(
<BuckWild> no power out! pray for me.
<hobolobo> this is probably the last song
<BuckWild> lights flickering...my luck, the power will go out and my hard drive will crash again.
<hobolobo> ohh
<hobolobo> that would suck
<BuckWild> yeah, no shit. i'd blame FNM.
<hobolobo> something about the keyboards sound....different
<BuckWild> "Hey Billy, buy me a new hard drive."
<hobolobo> Mac!
<BuckWild> yeah, i can't hear them.
<hobolobo> I can
<LeeHarvey> haha
<LeeHarvey> me either.
<BuckWild> Give me your mac.
<BuckWild> hobo's on acid
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> is not
<BuckWild> that's "am not" missy
<hobolobo> Jon's solos sound great
<LeeHarvey> actually, it's sounding better to me now than it has yet.
<hobolobo> wow
<BuckWild> Puffy Combs on drums
<BuckWild> yeah, Jon's a lot better than Dean guitar wise. His sound is much tighter.
<BuckWild> I hope this isn't just because they're on TV that they're playing well...at least Mike.
<hobolobo> He does his own thing a little it seems
<hobolobo> it's not note for note
<hobolobo> and that sounds cool
<LeeHarvey> What, like they play badly  on purpose all the other times?
<BuckWild> they have time to practice even MORE for the US tour
<LeeHarvey> "thankyouverymuchdotcom"
<hobolobo> hahah
<BuckWild> No, not on purpose...just...
<hobolobo> got that feeling
<BuckWild> this song can go home with home sick home
<hobolobo> I like this song
<hobolobo> shut up :)
<BuckWild> back to my theory about you being on acid
<hobolobo> AM not!
<BuckWild> cool.
<BuckWild> did those bastards at MUSIC NEWS from CD NOW who STOLE OUR SHIT ever write you back?
<hobolobo> this song sounds so much better than on that amsterdam thing
<hobolobo> FAITH NO MORE
<BuckWild> we're watching Faith No More folks.
<hobolobo> we are?  god damnit, I thought this was portishead
<BuckWild> Where? i wish it was Portishead! that concert sold out in NYC...fuck them.
<hobolobo> "anybody seen any good bands today?"
<BuckWild> "Anybody see any good bands today!?"
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> tirades rule
<LeeHarvey> uhh silverchair
<hobolobo> wow hobolobo is happy
<LeeHarvey> atari teenage riot!
<BuckWild> "Silverchair he said he liked...no head said they sucked." - Mike Patton "Atari Teenage Riot...jesus christ. How as david bowie?"
<BuckWild> this song rules.
<BuckWild> JUST A MAN
<hobolobo> yeah it does
<hobolobo> this show sounded really great on a shitty mono real video broadcast through satellite connection, the people in Cologne must be getting a god awesome show
<BuckWild> is that a flanger on the guitar or is that just real audio?
<hobolobo> they'd better sound this good next month
<LeeHarvey> probably the ra
<hobolobo> haha
<BuckWild> Yeah, no shit. i'll see their asses four times if they play this well
<hobolobo> I can't believe he's hitting the high notes
<BuckWild> i wonder if he'll hit that LAST high note.
<BuckWild> will he hit it folks...the note.
<BuckWild> don't leave
<hobolobo> That fucking ruled
<BuckWild> "GOOOD NAGGTCH" or something.
<BuckWild> come back
<BuckWild> play strip fucking search
<BuckWild> i want to hear that song live damn it
<BuckWild> come back
<LeeHarvey> RV
<hobolobo> it sounded like he said Good Night and then switched to german at the end.  Goood Nacht
<BuckWild> FAITH NO MORE, FAITH NO MORE(chant)You fat bastards, you fat bastards...oh.
<hobolobo> hahah
<hobolobo> europeans rule
<BuckWild> Europeans need jobs.
<hobolobo> hah
<LeeHarvey> haha BuckWild thinks they'll play smaller and smaller.
<hobolobo> I'm sure americans yell really intelligent things at faith no more shows too, nick
<LeeHarvey> I hope they don't play falling to pieces
<hobolobo> "YEAAAHHHH....Play GIRLS OF PORNNNN!!"
<BuckWild> Americans are silly drunks.
<LeeHarvey> haha
<BuckWild> they'll never play falling to pieces
<BuckWild> ever
<hobolobo> "EAT SOME SHEEE-UT MIKE!!"
<hobolobo> haha
<LeeHarvey> All I can think about is playing with myself!
<hobolobo> this sounds familiar
<BuckWild> crowd noise rules. encore!!! STRIP SEARCH!!!!!!!
<LeeHarvey> there's always that one girl!
<BuckWild> "Jesus christ...thank you."
<BuckWild> "You guys are lookin' good from here." - Mike
<BuckWild> not this "I'd fuck ya'" shit.
<BuckWild> "You got a band up here that's willing to fuck all a'ya."
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> that's funny
<LeeHarvey> I'd fuck all aya. I'd fuck ya!
<McPatrick> Q:  How many blues musicians does it take to change a lightbulb ? - A:  Two. One to go to Chicago because there might be a lightbulb there and the other to play harp.
<LeeHarvey> fuck
<BuckWild> the keyboards...hahahahaha...no, no...that's background vocals
<BuckWild> did you hear that?
<BuckWild> new covers by september! thanks
<hobolobo> no, I didn't hear that
<BuckWild> my video is stuck on a shot of sweaty Germans
<hobolobo> Mike's singing his ass off here
<BuckWild> could you not talk about his ass?
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> could you not talk about sticking to sweaty germans?
<BuckWild> i like big sweaty goiman goyls
<hobolobo> ohh We Care a Lot
<hobolobo> and I had such high hopes
<hobolobo> but they're playing it slowed down
<hobolobo> enunciating even
<hobolobo> like the way it is on the album
<BuckWild> yeah....what song is this again?
<LeeHarvey> WE CARE A LOT
<BuckWild> We Care A Lot 1/2
<hobolobo> not double speed
<BuckWild> yeah...the mordam record
<hobolobo> it sounds cool even
<BuckWild> i'll go pee now
<hobolobo> thanks for sharing that
<BuckWild> your welcome. i've never seen a concert while wearing a bath towel before
<hobolobo> haha
<BuckWild> mike's hair looks so nice in this shot
<hobolobo> hahaha
<BuckWild> now change it
<hobolobo> I have some blue blur and some green blur
<hobolobo> now I have a shot of mike's back
<BuckWild> this even sounds good. that's jon hudson you're seeing
<BuckWild> i already had that shot of mike's back
<BuckWild> next is roddy
<hobolobo> Mike's hair
<BuckWild> uh oh
<BuckWild> I haven't seen Billy...
<BuckWild> NO!!!!!!!!!!
<BuckWild> where are they going...come back. come back. stripsearch something, anything. what a lousy encore. come back. we love you
<hobolobo> the crowd seems to have liked it
<BuckWild> all crowds sound like that, heather.
<hobolobo> you should have gone to this show stefan
<BuckWild> angry mobs sound like that.
<BuckWild> where's FNM!!!!!!!! i want FNM!!!
<BuckWild> please come back and play more songs... please.
<hobolobo> yelling got louder
<BuckWild> the crowds going wild...are they back?
<hobolobo> yes!!
<hobolobo> Get the fuck out of here!
<BuckWild> haha... "Get the fuck out of here..."
<hobolobo> haha
<hobolobo> "We saved you from the fat crew"
<lemurian> what's happening?
<lemurian> what did I miss?
<hobolobo> billy's tuning
<BuckWild> oh come on...be aggressive...don't do it!!! don't play it!! they started and stopped to tune.
<hobolobo> haha
<BuckWild> this BETTER not be their last song.
<LeeHarvey> hah
<hobolobo> is that guy still on your video?
<hobolobo> oh, there he goes
<BuckWild> no, no more. he took a walk
<hobolobo> "that fat fuck"
<hobolobo> that screechy part sounded great
<LeeHarvey> agreed
<BuckWild> yah
<LeeHarvey> good job on the solo
<BuckWild> interesting...what was that little cut short solo
<espn> I better go now
<hobolobo> shit....even the songs we're sick of sound fucking great
<hobolobo> bye
<hobolobo> TAPE THIS!
<espn> the thing is on tv right now,too
<hobolobo> :)
<hobolobo> COOOOOOL!
<BuckWild> later. :) tape it!!
<espn> I hope they broadcast the whole thing
<espn> yeah yeah..
<espn> have a good night!
<hobolobo> you too!
<hobolobo> cool ending
<BuckWild> No...stop that leaving shit.
<BuckWild> not "cool ending"
<LeeHarvey> come back for a third encore
<hobolobo> Patton's got a beer
<BuckWild> they'd have to be drunk to end the show with that shit and not play "stripsearch"
<BuckWild> or something off of aoty
<hobolobo> stop whining
<hobolobo> that show was really good
<BuckWild> or smaller and smaller
<hobolobo> just be happy with the great songs they did play....jeez
<BuckWild> yeah, it was. come back again..."FNM...FNM...FNM...FNM...FNM..."
<BuckWild> they're coming back...they haven't played any of the music like they did before.

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