Setlist: June 30, 1992 Seville, Estadio Benito Villamarin
2.Death March 
3.Land of Sunshine 
4.The Real Thing 
5.Midlife Crisis 
7.Surprise! You're Dead 
9.Chinese Arithmetic 
10.We Care a Lot 
13."Easy" (Commodores) 
14.Introduce Yourself 
Source: CVDB
show review

Sevilla - Estadio Benito Villamarán, 30 de Junio de 1992.

  1. Setlist:
  2. Caffeine
  3. Death March
  4. Land Of Sunshine
  5. The Real Thing
  6. Midlife Crisis
  7. RV
  8. Surprise You're Dead
  9. Kindergarten
  10. Chinese Arithmetic
  11. We Care A Lot
  12. Jizzlobber
  13. Epic
  14. Easy
  15. Introduce Yourself

It was a weird show. FNM and Soundgarden were Guns n' Roses supporters. Before and during "The Real Thing" happened weird things:

All began when Mike said:
"Buenas tardes sevilla "c mo est"s?" - "Good afternoon Sevilla, How are you?"
"si si cabrones, bastardos,vamos, m"s cosas aquá" - "Yes fuckers, bastards, come on! more things here" and people like crazy ones began to throw bottles and all they owned to the stage, an incredible bottles rain during the whole song.
"mas cosa ahorita, ahorita, bueno bueno mas mas mas mas" - "more things, right now, good, good, more, more"
"fuck me fuck me"
"bueno ságueme" - good, follow.
"muy bien!! tárame mierda, quiero cagarro, m"s cosas aquá, mierda aquá" - "ok!, throw me shit, I want shit, shit here!"

One bottle hit Patton"s face and he only saw "very good I want shit"
It was an incredible The Real thing performance. At the end of the song the stage was flooding of bootles.
It was a terrible and weird show.

Un saludo.
- Miguel
- Curro (from the first row in Sevilla)

Source: Miguel
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