Rotterdam, Nighttown
August 27, 1997 Rotterdam, Nighttown

Well what do you know,

Yesterday was the second and last FNM club gig in Holland, at Rotterdam's Nighttown, an oddly-structured club that can hold about 800 people. We arrived at the venue just in time to have a drink before the show started. We missed the support act but didn't bother.
Setlist (pretty much the same as in Utrecht):

(Also Sprach Zarathustra intro followed by Caesar's Palace entrance)

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. Got That Feeling
  9. Ashes to Ashes
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. King For A Day
  12. Pristina
  13. Epic
  14. "Men In Black" (Will Smith)
  15. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  16. Just A Man
  17. Stripsearch
  18. We Care A Lot

Although the setlist was about the same, the show was MUCH better than the Utrecht one. The band was very much into the show, and a lot of FNM-club-gig chaotic stuff happened. For some reason, Patton appeared to be very aggressive. He jumped into the crowd twice, once while pushing a stagediver off stage and the other time he just fell into the crowd. When he got back on stage after the second time he said that if a certain person wearing a certain T-Shirt would appear on stage again he would fight him. "It's just you and me, alright?". Billy Gould played the bass like a madman, while having a sort of roaring sound to his bass, like it was played through some distortion effect. Sounded great, especially in the driving songs such as Last Cup Of Sorrow and Ashes To Ashes. Roddy seemed to be into it all very much as well. Nice to still see him enjoying himself playing FNM songs. Jon Hudson's stage persona has improved a bit, but he's still making a lot of mistakes in playing. A friend of mine who's a bit of a guitar player himself couldn't help but notice that everyone plays almost faultless except Jon. Perhaps he still isn't used to FNM gigs. Jon's sound was better than the day before, but still not quite up to par. Mike Bordin is, well, Mike Bordin, playing as if his life depended on it. He's simply one of the most energetic drummers around, while keeping an astounding precision to his playing, as well as the necessary restraint that technically apt drummers so often forget about.

Again, the hardcore songs worked VERY good. They are absolutely excellent choices for inclusion in the setlist. Other songs that caught my attention were Last Cup Of Sorrow and Ashes To Ashes, which were thoroughly enjoyed by both the band and the audience. A new 'gimmick' that is developing nicely is a stretched-out ride cymbal intro to Home Sick Home, leaving the audience guessing which song is coming up for a minute or so. The ending of King For A Day was different AGAIN, and AGAIN very, very good. There's just so much you can do with this concept of the song ending in a sort of wash-out and random notes being played that it never gets old. This is also the only time in the show that I think some people are reminded of Mr. Bungle, because all apparent structure is lost and Mike does a lot of improvisation over Bill's bass notes and Roddy's nursery rhyme keyboards. It may be a little too much for the less adventurous in the public to play Pristina after that, but fact is that it is a great song, a truly epic piece. Yesterday's rendition reminded me of the Melvins because it was pretty INTENSE. After that, it's great to see everybody explode during Epic. I'd like to see Paths of Glory re-entering the setlist, though. It might work better than Pristina, because it isn't as static.

Another great thing is that Roddy is sampling and sequencing Patton's voice during certain songs (e.g., Last Cup Of Sorrow), and then playing back the looped sound when Patton isn't singing. Works very well.

A strange thing was that Patton appeared to be sniffing cocaine during certain sections of the show. He was even accepting some powder from a member of the audience. He gave some to Billy and some other members of the audience. I think he was joking around, but I'm not really sure... In any case, Patton was very violent and aggressive.

All in all, a very good FNM club gig. It doesn't rank up there with the classics (read: all the Paradiso gigs), but still a lot better than Utrecht. I went home satisfied, knowing that I may see them again at a festival Near You next year...


On wednesday august the 27th I saw Faith no More perform live in the Nighttown Theatre in Rotterdam, Holland. I think it was the best concert I have ever attended.

Of course I am a big FNM-fan, but this show compared to nothing I ever saw. I didn't have a ticket at first so I bought one for 100 guilders on the day itself. So with 599 others I was finally able to see FNM perform in a somewhat smaller club. This show was recorded and broadcast live on KINK FM Alternative radio, so I had already some expectations on how the band would do its best to make it a worthwile evening.

I was the first to enter the venue, so I immediately took my place right in front of the stage. At 9.00 PM a Dutch band played as the supporting band. They were not bad at all, they sounded somewhat like Tool and FNM together. Not a bad choice for the support-act at all! Unfortunately I don't know the band's name.

At ten o'clock FNM entered the stage. They started of with Collision, of which I think it is a great opener. Collision is Faith no More in a nutshell, and for the same reason it opens AOTY it should open any show they do. I always liked it when they opened with Caffeine, but Collision did the job all the same. The audiance behind me just went mad as I could barely breath as I was pressed very tight against the stage. They played for 75 minutes, a short set, but it was just very intense. To me the band seemed to be in top shape. They never slowed down and gave the best they had. The set-list I will give later-on.

I just want to talk about what i will remember most about the show and I think I will remember it for the rest of my life. This is what happened during the show.

After they played for half an hour a guy climbed on stage. Apparantly he would make a dive into the audiance but he didn't. He just stood there for a while and then began imitating Mike's stage-act. Mike saw this and he reacted at once. Mike rushed towards him and threw him back off-stage. I didn't know if that is what Mike wanted but Mike dove directly after the guy into the steaming audiance with his microphone and all. The security quicky grabbed Mike and pulled him out of the many eager hands. Ofcourse the guy who started this liked his performance so he did it all again. He climbed on the stage but this time Patton was a little more angry. He really ran very hard into the guy and Patton and the -not to small- man flew into the crowd. I once was hit by a stagediver and I didn't like that all. I was very happy that I was not the one who would have to catch Patton and the troublesome guy.....
It surprised me that Patton stood up so quickly. He barely missed any lyric. He sang already as he was picked up by the security.
I suppose Mike was very mad about what happened, but he didn't lose his good mood. After the song (Ashes to ashes) ended he said: I have a policy. If anyone jumps on stage with an Operation Ivy T-shirt, I will have him for dinner. That's just me!
The audiance applauded and that was it. I never saw the operation Ivy guy again.

What happened next was this. Somewhat halfway the show a bottle was presented to mike. It contained a white powder. Ofcourse I thought it was drugs. But Mike didn't hesitate for a moment. He held out his hand and the owner of the bottle put some of the powder on Mike's hand. Mike took it with him and tasted it. Then he took all of it. I didn't think much of it then. The show just continued and it was as good as it was before. I also didn't notice any difference in mike's performance.
But during the encore there came the bottle again. Mike was eager again to accept some of the white powder, but this time he didn't take it all. He asked the audiance if they wanted some. Everybody waved, but because I am tall he noticed me first and presented me his hand. I got frightened for a moment because the white powder could be poison or cocaine. But at that time I couldn't refuse anymore, ofcourse. I licked his hand clean of the white powder. At first I couldn't place the taste of the powder but it soon became clear it was just very strong menthol. Very fresh and good for the breath also! Now I know why Mike has such a good voice. He keeps it in shape with a little help from the audiance.

Of course, as I am a big FNM-fan, this was a great thrill for me. And for as long as I will see FNM perform live or on television, I will always look at Patton's right hand :-)

Bert v.d. Wetering.

Source: CVDB
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