St. Louis (MO), Mississippi Nights  
September 9, 1997 St. Louis (MO), Mississippi Nights

I just got back from seeing Faith No More for the first time! The show was in St. Louis at Mississippi Nights, the finest music club in the known universe. The verdict? Well, honestly, I was a little disappointed. The band played at two levels: 'lounge act' and 'hardcore turbo-kill', nothing in between. I like the mid-tempo textural FNM stuff best, but there was none to be found. Even the songs that aren't that heavy on CD were played very aggressively. (except for the ballad-type stuff)

I was lucky enough to meet Mike and Puffy before the show, and they were more than happy to sign my Ashes to Ashes Pt.1 single. They hadn't seen the packaging yet, and Mike was like "Hey, check out this elephant! This is pretty cool." They seemed to be really busy, so I didn't bug them for long.

The crowd was horrible. I would have had a much better time if it weren't for the crowd-surfing elbow-flailing neanderthals. These assholes didn't even stop during the slow songs. Every time a surfer would come toward the front (where i was), myself and two others would launch him extra hard over the barricade. One extra-zealous idiot was kicking down into the crowd, so before he went over the edge I jumped up and popped him between the eye and ear. If I could have gotten a clean shot I swear it would have cracked his skull. Yeah, I was pretty pissed. Even Mike got pissed, he paused once to bitch at the crazies, and then made fun of some when they got tossed. Crowd surfers always get removed from the pit at this place, but it got so rough that security was having to reach in and pull people out because of the trouble they caused on the ground. Well, now that I've vented some anger, on to the music...

The intro music was that "duhh.. duhh.. duhhh... DA DAAAAA!" piece with the trumpets and timpani. I never can remember the name of it. After that the band ran onstage accompanied by some cheesy disco, and the voice-over said "Live! From the (i forgot the name) Casino in Laaas Vegas, Nevada... Faith No More!!!" Then Mike screamed "1, 2, 3, 4, COLLISION!!" and off they went. The next three songs were Midlife Crisis, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, and Last Cup of Sorrow. Then Roddy started in with his hilarious lounge singer voice. "Hey young man, what are YOU drinkin' tonight?" he said to a guy near the front. "Vodka!" "Ah, a vodka man! Somebody get this man a shot, right now. Hey, you! Bartender! Vodka on the stage, pronto." Pretty soon a bottle appears, and they pour a shot into a plastic cup. "Make sure this gets to the right guy, dammit!" Billy said as he handed it into the crowd. Then Billy tipped the bottle up and took a huge swig.

Next up were Evidence and Easy, a nice break from the onslaught. Mike screamed "Mad dog 20/20!" during Evidence, one of his many alcohol references tonight. "How's the Michelob treatin' ya?" and "Pop open a Miller!" are two more that come to mind. I'm not so sure of the order after Easy, but I know that King for a Day, Pristina, Epic, Naked in Front of the Computer, and Just a Man were the last five before the encore. Dehydrated and exhausted, I had to leave the front after King for a Day and spent all of Pristina sitting against a wall gulping water, trying not to pass out. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Mike did a really cool 'vocal solo' with lots of effects between King and Pristina.

The encore was Stripsearch and We Care a Lot (or maybe vice versa), followed by I Started a Joke, the last song of the night. If you're keeping score at home, they played one song each from WCAL, IY, TRT, AD, and STMLT. I wanted more old stuff, dammit =) Here's a list of all the songs they did in order of release (i think), because I can't remember the set list exactly.

  • We Care a Lot
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Epic
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Easy
  • Evidence
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Ugly in the Morning
  • King for a Day
  • Just a Man
  • I Started a Joke
  • Collision
  • Stripsearch
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • Naked in Front of the Computer
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Pristina

    Well, my body hurts, my brain hurts, my ears hurt, and my fingers are tired from typing. Good night...

    Roddy played guitar on Naked in Front of the Computer


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