Columbus (OH), Newport Music Hall  
September 10, 1997 Columbus (OH), Newport Music Hall

Hearing the 2001 theme was a great way to get things worked up for everyone.. kinda built up the energy. Collision was a good way to start the song -- it was fast enough to get things going.

In columbus I think FNM were having a great time with the crowd.. IT was kinda hard to hear because the PA was cranked up a little too loud to make things out clearly, but for the most part you could hear all the important things. At one point in the show mike was saying something like "YOu guys are a terrible crowd!" and that's when they played Deep Purple's "Highway Star." After one other song they started yelling at us again. Jon was playing the first few chords of Ashes to Ashes when mike stopped him and yelled "No! THey don't deserve it.. we have to punish them" and played Highway Star again. A couple of songs later he said "We're going to play this for you.. you want it so you've got it" or something to that extent and played HIghway Star again. As soon as they were done with that mike was practically laughing his ass off and made the band play it one more time. Towards the end of the show they were playing a few seconds of it and mike said "Come on, this'll be the last time you'll get to hear FNM play deep purple in columbus!" and by then he played a couple more notes and just laughed and told them to stop. They ended up doing two encores.. the second was Caffeine which was a GREAT way to end the show.. I've never loved that song more than I did at that time.

Bryan Cristina.

Source: CVDB
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