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September 12, 1997 Atlanta (GA), Masquerade Music Club

I don't know if Patton does this a lot, but last night at the Atlanta show he started to sing "I believe I can fly" at the end of epic. of course, the concert kicked ass and suprisingly I thought limp bizkit was pretty good too. too bad for them the crowd was there for fnm mainly. the first five songs were the best, and after that they toned it down a bit, but it stilled kicked ass. during gentle art (3rd song) the floor started to shake and you could hardly hear patton because the entire crowd was singing along. during take this bottle mike was drinking some type of wine or something and then started flinging it into the audience. and of couse they did the normal encore. Gentle Art was by far the best song. (collision, epic, and ugly in the morning were good too) buy the way, I saw someone wearing a cv shirt, who was it?

Arriving at the show I had no idea what Limp Bizkit was. I figured that if they opened for FNM they must be good. I found this to be wrong. Limp Bizkit was a rip-off band of Korn, Marilyn YOUKNOWWHO, and Rage Against the Machine. Needless to say this was not a good snack to chew on before Faith No More. Anyway, suffering through Limp Bizkit was like a hot wax enema. All their fans came with their Addidas sweat suits on. I almost vomited. Ok...so after the crap FNM comes out and blows them off the planet.

Opening with the theme from 2001 space odessey really got the crowd and the band into full swing. The set list was oddly mostly stuff from King For A Day...they opened with Collison. Here are the songs I can remember. They did play one song I didn't know and I own everything FNM put out so it was either a new cover, a b-side, or something else.

Collison, Take This Bottle, Easy, Epic, Ugly In The Morning, Evidence, Stripsearch, Last Cup Of Sorrow, Caffeine, Gentle Art of Making Enemies, Naked in Front of The Computer, Pristina, Just A Man, King For A Day, Midlife Crisis, Introduce Yourself and Ashes to Ashes.

Best Mike Patton quotes of the night:
"Whew, for a second there I thought we were Suicidal Tendencies"
"You're one ugly motherfucker, this ones for you!"
"Raise your hands in the air for Jimmy Carter!"

Appearance of the band was good. All had nice dress slacks and shirt, Hudson sporting a coat at first, Roddy wearing a tie, Billy sporting the short sleeve and Puffy wearing just shorts and no shirt. Patton had a long sleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, an expensive watch on, nice slacks and drank a bottle of red wine and vodka all night.

At one point Patton started pouring wine all over the audience. It was a scene of adolescent fury as young American teens opened their mouths to taste at least one drop of Mike Patton's damn wine.

The band played excellent. Patton was pretty friendly to the crowd and totally into the music. He would completely lose his shit on the fast songs, almost choking himself with the microphone cord. The only time I saw Patton kind of looking a little unEASY (excuse the pun) was during Epic, in which he seemed of rush through it screaming as much as he could to make an old song sound somewhat like the vocal stuff he's experimenting with now.

This was the first time in all my years that I saw FNM. I had read all the reviews and talked to all my friends about the live experience and from what I understand this Atlanta show was as good as anything you would have seen on the Angel Dust tour.

In 1995 FNM was not very good when they played Atlanta according to my friend Rob Wagner, who attended.

"They just didn't seem to give a fuck," said Wagner. "Patton didn't say anything to the crowd. Not even thanks or hello or good-bye".

1997 was different.

I liked this show a lot. I wish they had played Digging The Grave and Got That Feeling, but I can't ask for everything. The band was musically tight and Hudson (new guy) only messed up once to my notice. He was a little shakey on Evidence. Other then that he is simply "cool". His stage prescence can only be described as laid back and "Classy".

Bordin pounded the shit out of his drums as usual. He did brake a drum head or two and somebody said that he vomited all over his set. However, that is just rumor and shouldn't be taken too seriously. His drumming almost steals the show but Patton makes sure that doesn't happened.

Patton looked like he was having a blast. Slicked back hair and gestures that would accompany a lounge singer in Vegas, Patton went from Sinatra to madman at the drop of a dime. At one point he pointed to somebody in the audience and pointed at his dick and smiled. Only Patton could make that look really slick. Patton's vocals varied in pitch, tone and volume which takes skill seeing that they played just the previous night and would play again the next night and so forth. How he keeps his voice is beyond my comprehension.

Billy was truly in the place he wanted to be. He consistently had a smile on his face and TRULY looked as if he would rather be no where else but with Faith No More on stage. His bass playing was flawless and sonicly thunderous. Him and Puff make a great rythmn section.

Roddy was quite active at keyboards doing his usual motions and actually playing guitar on Naked In Front of The Computer. He looked pretty happy as did most of the band.

The night ended with Patton saying "Thank YOU" over and over in an almost circus announcer type of voice and pointing at people in the audience. This was a religious experience for me. To my knowledge there is no tape of this show but pictures were being taken all over the place. My advice to Faith No More for this US tour:

Find a better opening act.

Marc Pearson.

set list:

  • collision
  • midlife crisis
  • king for a day
  • pristina
  • last cup of sorrow
  • introduce yourself
  • "highway star" (Deep Purple)
  • easy
  • caffeine
  • stripsearch
  • ugly in the morning
  • gentle art of making enemies
  • paths of glory
  • naked in front of the computer
  • just a man
  • evidence
  • epic
  • take this bottle
  • ashes to ashes

masquerade is a three-level club, hell being the dance club, purgatory being the hang out club, and heaven being the place to see bands (where FNM was).

my friend and i positioned ourselves on the side of the stage behind the sound board, which made it excellent for viewing, but not so excellent for sound. this also allowed us to catch several close-up glimpses of the band before the show.

limp bizkit opened. they were ok, most well-known for their cover of george michael's "faith."

FNM sounded great. patton's voice is tip-top. puffy's hair is almost as long as he is tall. they all wore business attire (except puffy), white long-sleeved dress shirts and dark or black pants.

they opened with collision and ended with caffeine, and somewhere in between they played a lot of their "radio" hits. the only good thing is they evened that out by playing a lot of other not-so-popular stuff, too. there was one encore.

patton was drinking straight vodka and a bottle of red whine, which he appropriately poured onto the audience during "take this bottle."

of course, there always has to be at least one idiot screaming for "epic." during this song, patton pleaded with the sound man to turn up the vocals. he then proceeded to SCREAM the lyrics to the song, which i found incredibly sarcastic and funny, but there were those dorks who thought he was being serious. patton also performed some elvis pelvis moves that strengthen my notion that FNM is really a lounge band in disguise.

the band was energetic. the highlight for me was during the switch from "king for a day" to "pristina" when patton displayed some of his quirky noise vocal music (much like his solo work). he instructed the band to drag out a verse in "pristina" and went on for what seemed like forever.

at one point patton accused someone of pissing in his wine. other than that, the band didn't really talk to the crowd much. nothing fancy, just playing one song after another.

Roxanne Hare.

Yeah, i was at that atlanta show too and i was wondering who that guy with the CV shirt was.....some guy came up to me noticing my disco volante shirt and we chatted a while....the show rocked like hell, but during the 3rd song my shoe was taken off, so i was moshing on shattered beer bottles, and also some fucking bald skinhead bastard knocked me down and my knee landed on a beer bottle and shattered it, so my entire knee and foot are severely lacerated, my sock is black from blood....but it was worth it completely. Surprisingly they played ugly in the morning, which i thought was the most fun b/c EVERYONE was singing and moshing like mad....my friend got those wine stains all over his shirt, and he circled them and wrote "Mike Patton's wine stains" and put it on his wall....We traveled 5 hours to get to the show from Nashville, and surprisingly there were a TON of people from nashville there....there were people in the parking lot asking for tickets b/c it was sold out and were offering us all this money.....I saw a guy with a tractor in my balls shirt, was he on this list???? Anyway it was the best night of my life, including my leg that will probably be amputated........


I saw Faith No More at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Ga on Sept. 12, 1997, and i would like to start by saying that I've been to probably about 75 shows in my years and that was definitely the best show that I had ever seen. I had been waiting to see them since '92 and they totally lived up to all my expectations. I have only one complaint, and that is that the miking and equalization wasn't perfect. Puffy's drums were a little too loud and Roddy wasn't loud enough. But other than that it was a great show.

The set went something like this (this isn't the exact order, but these are definitely all the songs in almost the exact order)

  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Evidence
  • Easy
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • King For A Day
  • Pristina
  • Big Kahuna
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Ugly in the Morning
  • Naked In Front of the Computer
  • Just a Man
  • Epic
  • Strip Search
  • Take This Bottle
  • Caffeine

They played a solid set and I definitely wasn't disappointed in any way, but I was little upset that they didn't play Riccochet, Mouth to Mouth, and Digging th Grave, but what can you do? They played a pretty punk rock set in the sense that they just whizzed throught the songs without saying much between songs, although there were a couple of moments where they did display that live sense of humor that they are known for. Before they played Easy Roddy Bottum looked out to the crowd and said,"You are a very sexy crowd. I would fuck very one of you.". During "Evidence" Mike Patton really started getting into it and said to the crowd "Throw your hands in the air!". Ofcoarse all the dumbasses did. Then he continued, " If you love Jimmy Carter!". If was so beautiful to see that, especially in Georgia.Over all, it was an excellent show and Faith No More aree an excellent band

Jeremiah Cymerman.

This was a brilliant show. Everyone in the band was tight and enthusiastic. Mike sounded great, seemed to appreciate the crowd, which was packed in like sardines, I was about 10 feet away from the band. They did seem to play alot of the mellower songs, but they were great, The set list included: Collision, Evidence, Ugly in the Morning ( i think) Just a Man, Easy, Epic, Take this Bottle, Last Cup of Sorrow, Caffiene, Stripsearch ( and some others I don't remember) . I like the new guitar player, but I don't know if Mike does. He was kind of looking at him like "down on your knees , dude." Roddy seemed a little distant , too. (i hope he's not doing junk.) Puffy sounded tight as ever and Billy seemed to really be into the performance. Limp Biskit opened. Kinda Kornish , they were O.K. , they're singer is a geek. Everyone in FNM was wearing the black suit thing. This is one of the last and greatest "alternative" bands.

Steven Craig Morgan.

I was fortunate enough to witness a very energetic, sold-out Faith No More at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on September 12. The set list is as follows:

    ( Intro: Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey )
  1. Collision
  2. MidLife Crisis
  3. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. I Started A Joke
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Ugly in the Morning
  10. Ashes to Ashes
  11. King For A Day
  12. Pristina
  13. Epic
  14. "I Believe I Can Fly" (R.Kelley)
  15. Naked in Front of the Computer
  16. Just A Man
  17. Stripsearch
  18. Take This Bottle
  19. Caffeine

I'm pretty sure this set list is correct. I made it a point to keep track of it during the show.

Anyway, on to the concert. FNM was preceded by a mediocre performance by Limp Bizkit. After about 20 mintes between sets, FNM hit the stage at about

11:00 P.M. They opened with a terrific rendition of "Collision" which immediately got the crowd going crazy. Not wasting any time talking between songs, the band went straight through "MidLife"/"Gentle Art"/"Last Cup" before we got a break with a couple of slow songs. "MidLife" was the most incredible because the crowd sung it so loud they almost drowned out Patton's voice. During "Evidence" Patton signaled for the crowd to wave their arms, but that didn't last long because so many people were moshing and crowd-surfing. "Introduce Yourself" sounded great, but I didn't see anyone else who seemed to know the words. It's a shame, because that song has great live potential. "Ugly" was a pleasant suprise but it took me a minute to figure out what it was. "King For A Day" was not as good as I expected but the ending was really cool to watch, as Patton did crazy sound effects with his voice like a little girl and horse galloping. "Pristina" didn't work all that well live. I think it should be taken out and replaced with a harder song, "What A Day" perhaps. "Epic" was suprisingly good, but "Naked" and "Just A Man" had nothing special to offer.

The encore was by far the best part of the show. "Stripsearch" sounded superb, especially the keyboards. During "Take This Bottle" Patton took a bottle of red wine and began to shake it all over the crowd. It splattered all over my shirt, but felt great. It, with the song, was the single best moment of the show. "Caffeine" sounded fine but the crowd got a little too rough so I didn't really mind when it was over.

Overall, the show was very good and all of the band members seemed to be into it. Bill jumped all over the place as his bass rumbled. Roddy closed his eyes a lot as he played. He seemed to really be into them. Puffy played like a madman, with more aggression than any drummer I've ever seen. Patton seemed calm and collected, but still went crazy at the appropriate times. While singing, he seemed to have some Elvis-like dance moves going on. But the real suprise of the night was Jon. I had my doubts about his playing ability, but he really proved me wrong by nailing the solos to "Evidence" and "Epic" and going wild during the heavy parts without making any noticeable mistakes. For the first time, I'm really glad he's in FNM and hope everything works out between him and the band.

Well, there's another FNM show come and gone. Hopefully the guys will come back around before too long. But in the meantime, I have my memories of seeing the greatest band in the world in person.

Forrest Simmons.

WOW!!! what a badass show....and even cooler i got everyone of the guys, except Patton, to sign my stuff and chat with me for a couple minutes, which sucks because this old lady pushed me out of the way and took a picture with him there fore fucking up everyone else's chance to talk with him...then they got rushed in to a car and were whisked away to a ball game...well, we waited in line for about 2 1/2 hours...When we finally got in, I bought my FNM shirt and me and my friends waited for like an hour for the openers to get on stage..but they were playing Tool over the speakers so it was cool...After hearing Limp Bizkit, I would rather them have left Tool playing on CD....THEY SUCKED!!! A bunch of endless profanities and every song sounding the same and a nice mooning at the crowd made me lose all of what little respect i had for these guys...Anyways, FNM got on about 45 minutes later accompanied by a cheesy but cool Vegas intro and crazy lights...and for the next 90 minutes, it was bliss...they played pretty much every song i wanted them to play...

Overall, a Great show..with some crowd interaction and weird interludes by Patton giving the performance an extra lift....it was worth the 14 hour back and forth trip from Orlando and they are a bunch of down to earth guys...Puffy called me crazy for coming so far to see them (jokingly of course) but it was worth it..i just hope they play florida again so i dont have to make the trip up again!


I saw FNM September 12 In Atlanta. What can I say that hasn't been said already? FNM rules, but unfortunately my 10 or so favorite songs aren't the usual live stuff, for whatever reason. Of those 10, the boys played only three (Caffeine, Stripsearch, and King for a Day). The other unplayed songs I thoroughly missed: Zombie Eaters, Woodpecker from Mars, The Morning After, A Small Victory, Last to Know, Digging the Grave, and Helpless. Nonetheless, this was a tremendous show, as good or better than '95. Only problem was Billy wasn't loud enough to mix well with Puff. But overall, simply awesome.

Scott Teems, Atlanta.

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