Charlotte (NC), Blockbuster Pavilion  
September 13, 1997 Charlotte (NC), Blockbuster Pavilion

actual set list:



The show in Charlotte was good, they pretty much stuck to the same set though, but hey I guess they were trying to appeal to all the ignorant stupid drunk people that were at this show. I actually heard these hillbilly girl beside me asking her boyfriend what songs Faith No More played besides "that one" (epic I assume) and he responded (in a know it all tone of voice) "They did that remake of Cats in the Cradle". Now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Ugly Kid Joe do that? I thought to myself "This is the ultimate offense". As if I hadn't had enough already that day sitting around waiting for FNM to play shoving my way through droves of inbred Marilyn Manson fans. I turned to the girl and said yeah, and they also did that song called "I Hate Everything About You" to which she responded "Oh I love that song!"

FNM started out with Collision, during which Mike held true to form with the much-loved fish-out-of-water-on-stage stuff, Midlife Crisis followed they performed it well although the backing vocals were to low. Gentle Art came next and pretty much kicked ass. Then before they went into Last Cup Mike Patton yells "ICE COLD BUD......................AND BIG ASS!!!!!!!!!!" Which I'm pretty sure was an attack on the hordes of drunken-dead-beat-stuck-in-the-80's-red-necks that polluted the pavillion (these people of course cheered loudly when Patton said this). To bad fnm didn't play RV so the crowd could identify with the lyrics. Then Roddy and Billy made some guy stand up:
Roddy: Hey fella, are you gonna stand up?
Billy: Yeah make him stand up!

I guess it worked because everyone started cheering. Anyway, then they played Last Cup and Stripsearch. Followed by Easy. The masses quickly used their squirrel-sized brains to determine that the playing of easy meant that it was time use the lighter that they'd been using to light doobies and wave it in the air. I'm sure more than one of the girls present had their hair spray teased hair ignited.
Introduce Yourself was next and pretty much kicked ass, afterwards Roddy said something about putting another stick on the Barbi. Next came Ashes to Ashes, after this Patton said something about people trying to talk with weenies in their mouths (i think). They King 4 a day, Epic (Roddy did not get the spotlight in his piano solo at the end although Patton was frantically motioning for the spotlight to be put on him). Naked and Just a Man.

I apologize for any mistakes, I just wish that I could have seen them in a much smaller venue where they would have played encores.

Tango pa Bretwalla.

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