Washington (DC), 9:30 Club  
September 16, 1997 Washington (DC), 9:30 Club

The show was amazing!!!

First the setlist:

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Last Cup of Sorrow
  4. Gentle art of Making Enemies
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. Got That Feeling
  9. Ashes To Ashes
  10. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
  11. King For A Day
  12. Pristina
  13. Epic
  14. Naked In Front of The Computer
  15. Just A Man
  16. "This Guy's in Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)
  17. Stripsearch
    Encore 2
  18. As The Worm Turns
  19. "Barbie Girl" (Aqua)
  20. We Care A Lot
  21. I Started A Joke

The show was amazing... beat all my expectations. It kept getting better. It was my 2nd Faith No More concert ever, the first one I saw was in Zurich Switzerland March 28th (Bootleg CD: The Gentle Art of Making Money) and for those who have read my review and who have the CD, well, then you know that was a fucking brilliant show too. This was was better in my opinion for the reasons that I'll state now:

I arrived at the 9:30 Club here in DC, where I go to college now, at around 8pm. The venue is really neat. For those of you who don't know, the 9:30 Club is a pretty popular venue in DC that has live acts almost every night. Ranging from George Clinton last night to Life of Agony tommorow. Radiohead recently played here too. There's space for approx. 1500 people I'd say although I'm no expert. Everyone can get a good view for the place is not that big. Anyway, T-Shirts were on sale for 17$, I waited to get mine at the end just like eveyone else apparently. Limp Bizkit came in at around 8:15 and believe me they kinda suck. Your typical Rage ATM, Korn, FNM, Pantera wannabe band. The guitarist had a mask on for the first song (a la Bungle) and acted weirdly during the whole set. The Bass player looks exactly like Phil Anselmo and kept rolling his eyes (a la Korn). The singer kept saying "fuck you" to the crowd and was talking shit constantly acting totally idiotic. There songs weren't that bad but just oh so unoriginal. They started playing "Bombtrack" by RATM and quit a few seconds into the song... too bad, that was their highlight along with their cover of "Faith" by George Michael. That was actually quite cool. Anyway, enough about those Jacksonville rockers, FNM came in at 10pm sharp with that awesome 2001 intro music (I happen to be from the class of 2001, so this one felt special to me... yeah right Brian), followed by a voice in the background Las Vegas style announcing the band "Let's get ready to rummmmbllllle" or something like that with cool light effects and the FNM guys looking good in their black suits (except for Puffy as you might know by now). The first 5 songs were as expected the ones they've played at other venues. It is a good way to start, very energetic, a lot of tempo... Midlife Crisis got everyone going, Last Cup was a big success and sounded great, they play it a lot on the radio here in DC and it showed for the crowd were singing to it. GAOME was as expected a big crowd favorite as the crowd really started to get into it. Evidence and Easy were sweet, a good break for all of us in front who needed rest. John Hudson really fit in well on those songs and during the whole evening as a matter of fact, except maybe during Just A Man and Epic. Mike P. kept saying "that solo is amazing..." "what can I say... he's doing it again". Introduce Yourself was a great follower as usual and although Got That Feeling is a weird song for the crowd to react to, I really enjoyed it live. Puffy and Mike sounded awesome in that one. Puffy ruled as usual. Ashes To Ashes is definetely a great live song. Highway Star (is that the title) wasn't anything fantastic and Roddy apologized for it saying they made a mistake. Until then, although I was having a great time, the show was as expected very energetic and very good musically but nothing special I guess compared to other shows. That was until King For A Day which is one of my favorite studio songs... the end of the song was awesome, they've changed it from the last tour. Mike stood there doing weird popcorn noises with his Mic for a while and there were cool light effects. The whole crowd watched with lots of interest, Pristina was an awesome follow up song... very similar feeling to KFAD, very atmospheric, I loved it. Finnaly Epic came up and to my supride the crowd didn't go insane like I expected them to which was fine cuz it shows that they weren't here only because of "Epic". It was a very rappy version of "Epic"... quite cool. Naked suprised me, it really sounded good. A good live song. Just A Man which I had never heard live was awesome although John's rhythm guitar work wasn't that great. The 2nd half of that song was truly epic, great song. I was really happy 'til then cuz the show was flawless, no suprises but really effective. The guys left and everyone was clapping and yelling "Faith-No-More"... well not eveyone but quite a few people. That was cool. They guys came back and Roddy thanked us several times. I was facing him like 5 feet away. they all seemed very pleased with our cheers and Roddy said he had a suprise for us: A song that was listed as "Bacharah" on the setlist. (anyone one this one?) It was very mellow, very nice... lots of piano and great singing by Mike. Sort of like a Platters song. Mike played with one of these keyboard flutes which was really unexpected. He did a really nice job too. Then came Stripsearch which I was really anticipating. Awesome song that really sounded better than I expected live. After that they waved goodbye and that was the last song on the setlist but everyone now was yelling "Faith No More"... It was awesome. You could just tell that the crowd really had a good time. They came back for an unexpected and I think unplanned encore and the crowd went nuts. I went totally nuts stupid things like "you're the best", "thanks". Let me tell you that the boyz really looked suprised. Mike was saying: "What's happening, this is amazing? This is for us?? This is so weird?" He really seemed honest too. Everyone chanting "Faith No More", it was beautiful. I love DC. Anyway they had another suprise dor us. THEY PLAYED "AS THE WORM TURNS" Totally unexpected. The guy next to me ernt nuts just like me... Though lots of people didn't know that song there were also some especially near where I wa that knew it. I went nuts, it was fantastic. They followd that with "We Care A Lot" which didn't seem planned either and finnaly a beautiful ending with "I started A Joke" which was brilliantly performed by Mike who was smiling the whole way through.

I was almost hoping they'd play one last song: Caffeine maybe but that was enough to keep me happy. It was amazing, a real great vibe. Dog Eat DOg's drummer could be seen in the crowd. I almsot went up to him but then I remembered that I don't like Dog Eat Dog. 20 songs... wow. The show lasted about 80-85 minutes. After that everyone was rushing to get T-Shirts. I had to wait 7-8 minutes for mine and they only had X-Large left. (Doh!).

I apologize for making this so long but as you can imagine I'm still extremely excited about this whole evening that hasn't really ended. (I still have to take a shower).

There's more stuff I could add but i would abusing this mailing list so I wont. If you want more details just email me at bhaugen@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu

Brian Haugen.

Okay, okay...I know there's already been a lot of talk about the D.C. show, but I just wanted to add in my two cents about the encore. I was right in the middle front..right against the stage. When they came out for that second encore, which wasn't on the setlist, their faces showed how happy they were. They were surprised at the great reaction from the crowd! I assume this is because of the shitty response two nights earlier in Norfolk. I specifically remember Patton saying, "Oh my god....I feel like I've gone back in time." I assume he was referring to the Real Thing days when they were a lot bigger. I felt really good about being a part of such a kick ass crowd.

The next cool thing about the encore....I don't know if anyone picked up on it, but during the opening of We Care A Lot, he said, "I'm a Barbie girl...In a Barbie world" which I thought was hilarious.

The last cool thing about the show is something I'll never forget. Last week, I heard I Started A Joke for the first time, and I thought it was one of the best FNM covers I'd ever heard. If you haven't heard it...go get it! Anyway, during the last few songs of the main set, Billy was up near the front by me so I yelled to him. When I caught his attention I screamed "I Started A Joke!" I had to yell it a few times, but he finally understood and kinda gave me a "maybe" look. After the first encore, I guessed they weren't going to play it. Then when they came out again I thought I might still have a chance. After We Care A Lot, Billy went over to Roddy and then to Patton and mouthed the word "joke". The next thing I know, they started playing it and Billy nodded at me and smiled. I couldn't believe it. It was the coolest thing in the world.

Well, sorry if I rambled...but I had to say how much I enjoyed the concert. If ANYONE made a bootleg of this show, contact me and I will sell my soul for it!! I took some really great pictures, so I'll try to scan them to the WOTY for everyone real soon. If anyone else went to the D.C. show and wanted to talk about it, e-mail me privately!


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