Providence (RI), Strand Theatre  
September 18, 1997 Providence (RI), Strand Theatre

I dont know how to begin this. All I have to say is Faith No More's show tonight at Providence's Strand Theater is the best show I have ever seen.

If anyone taped this show. I WOULD KILL for it. If it means a lop sided trade for the show, I'll do it. I didnt see anyone with recorders and I know there were no video cameras but someone mightve taped it.

It all started as we went into Providence, a wicked confusing city if youve never been there before because of the winding streets and one way roads. Finally I got to the Strand about an hour and a half before the doors opened. There were about 15 people already there so me and Noel decided to join them. I was wearing the red KFAD shirt and a white Red Sox hat. Maybe one of you guys was there. It seemed like forever until the doors opened. Around 8 I looked arounf and there was a huge line. Finally at 8, we got in. The guy took my ticket and I went into the main room. There was like no one there! So I ran right up to the barrier and got my spot in front. It took another hour and half for Limp Bizkit to come on stage. I heard from earlier reviews that these guys were mostly Korn and Rage wannabes. I think theyre right. Bizkit played an awesome show though. I was jumpin up and down and ragin. They played some weird covers like Hound Dog and George Micheal's Faith. LIke halfway through their set they started to play Bombtrack. I heard the didnt play the whole thing at DC so I yelled up, "PLay the whole thing this time dammit!". Sure enogh right when the singing was supposed to start the guy stopped. Bizkit finally got offstage and there was about an hour wait till FNM came on. Of course I was still clutching the bar in the front. I wasnt gonna leave that spot for anything. I thought maybe becuase Bizkit was offstage, the pressure from the crowd would ease off but I was wrong and everyone up front was squished for the entire wait. It sucked but it was worth it.

FNM finally came on. The energy FNM had was incredible. They went totally nuts as they opened with Collision. Everyone was screaming along and I was surprised that so many people knew the words. The crowd was Totally Insane. We were all going berserk to our favorite band raging on stage. Midlife Crisis was a great second song but kinda predictable because Ive seen all the set lists. Mike played it incredibly. Gentle Art and Last Cup continued the show. The band was having fun on stage too as Mike and Billy kept smiling and going completely insane. I have several FNM bootleg videos and in NONE of them does the band put as much energy into the show as I saw tonight. After Last Cup Mike made a comment about how the crowd was good and they broke into As the Worm Turns!!! Right in the middle of the set. Not many people knew the words to this one but it didnt stop the crowd. After this was the slow part with Evidence and Easy. Both well played. Introduce Yourself and Ashes to Ashes were incredibly high energy versions of the songs.
I didnt know what Highway Star would sound like but I loved the song with Patton singing. Totally incredible. After this, another surprise, Midnight Cowboy. Im not sure if this song has been played live before tonight. Patton was playing this little keyboard flute thing. Epic was great. Everyone seemed to know this one of course.

King for A Day was next. I couldnt here the guitar in the begginning, only drums and bass so I was "What is this". Naked in front of the Computer was good too. Just A Man ended the regular set. (Im running out of adjectives to describe just how awesome this show was.)
The encore was great. The Bacarah song came out better than I thought. I think it was the Bacarah song. Mike introduced it by saying most of us probably were conceived with this song playing...in the back seat. Strip Search was awesome. Mike complained about Roddy messing up the begginning but he was just foolin with him. They talked a lot tonight. Mouth to Mouth ended the show. I saw this one from like 10 rows back because I was feelin a little sick from being squished for that long.

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Last Cup of Sorrow
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. As the Worm Turns
  9. Ashes to Ashes
  10. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
  11. King for A Day
  12. Midnight Cowboy
  13. Epic
  14. Naked in Front of the Computer
  15. Just A Man
  16. "This Guy's In Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)
  17. Stripsearch
  18. Mouth to Mouth


whatever you guys say about their recent shows, i thought this was the best fnm show i've ever seen. they sounded pretty tight and most of all, they seemed like they were having a good time. for those of you who care, everyone except puffy was wearing a dress shirt and pants. i was very fortunate to hear the premier performance (sounds a bit too formal to call it a 'performance'?) of 'midnight cowboy'. it sounded so flowless that i was surprised to find out later that it was the first time ever being played. the instrument mike played (melodica? pianica?) sounded different from the sound on the album, but it fitted pretty well with the song in my opinion. the audience was surprisingly well behaved and everyone was mesmerized by the atmospheric sound of the song. at the end of 'king for a day' when mike was doing sort of improvised voice thing (you know what i'm talking about), some guys were yelling 'bungle, bugnle'. i thought the set list was well diversified and planned out. my only request is to end the set with a song from AOTY instead of 'just a man'. of course i love 'just a man' and it's such a nice song for the ending, but they could've played it for encore if they wanted to play it. it's just an idea. billy, if you're reading this,can you tell me why 'just a man' is the last song?

li mentioned that mike asked several people about what they ate in the middle of the show in nyc. well, that 'what did you eat' conversation actually started here in providence. after they came back on stage for the second encore, puffy, billy, and jon started to jam and mike said something about roddy and himself being lost to what to play. then he kept on talking like this -- 'i went to a place called alFONO...it was an o.k. place, a little expensive (a hand gesture)...so i ordered pizza...you, what did you have? what did you eat, you fucking punk?' 'a big mac.' 'a big mac. i don't want a BIG MAC. stay away. (then said something about pizza in italian.) what did you have?' 'turkey.' 'TURkey. what is it thanksgiving? faack you. what did you eat? HUH? ice cream. you're my man. ICE cream. yeah, dude. anybody else? (audience: 'over here, over here.') you ate a dick for dinner. YUM. THAT's my man. SUCK _______.' etc. etc. this went on for quite a while. last one was 'what did you eat? you ate my mother's asshole. hehehe.' after that, they finished off the show with 'mouth to mouth'.

Akemi Fujita

Not much to add to the other reviews except that after the show we waited around outside the club and eventually Billy Gould, Puffy, and Hudson each came out. They each spent about 20 minutes signing autographs and drumsticks for everyone. They were really nice about it and answered people's questions about the show and the new album. Patton and Roddy never came out--they must've gone out the front while we were all waiting behind the club. A guy from the crew said Patton was stuck-up.

At the show the crowd was really good, everyone seemed into the band and most people knew all the words. After the 4th or 5th song Patton started singing part of the theme to the movie "Men In Black"--the band kind of looked like the MIB in their matching suits. The audience mostly hated Limp Bizkit and kept yelling for the band to get off the stage, especially after they said Rage Against the MAchine were their "homeys."

Sarah Ballard

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